Well, this is very old for all APO guys out there – the procurement priority of the PDS is set to thirteen 5’s (5555555555555) if the corresponding production version is locked in APO and if the orders still exist for this PDS in APO. If no orders exist in APO, the PDS simply gets deleted (note 854561).

We asked SAP recently why would we want to have the PDS not displayed in CURTO_SIMU if the corresponding production version is locked in ECC. The as usual kind and gentle support team of SAP has come up with the 9th version of this note with a simple two-line code snippet and asked us to implement this correction if we would like to have the non-deleted PDS to be seen with procurement priority 5555555555555 in CURTO_SIMU.

However, the note actually uses the CHECK statement and this means – any other logic if you had used in the BADI should have to be compromised. So, just make the CHECK as IF… ENDIF ????

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