I just want to share my simple Class to Encrypt and Decrypt your text or password. I usually used this when saving as Password in my UDT.

  •      You can download this DLL here. The file password is “SAP”
  •      This class is compatible in any platform, platform means (x64 or x86).
    • After you download, just add it to your project reference.
    • You can declare your own Signature for encryption.

Here’s a sample screenshot for this function:

  1. The first textbox was the Normal Text.
  2. The second textbox was the Encrypted Text.
  3. 3rd was the Decrypted Text.

Encryption/Decryption of Password

How to use:


Dim oEncryp As New Encrypt_Decrypt.Encrypt_Decrypt(“@SAP_SCN”)


Encryption/Decryption of Password


Encryption/Decryption of Password

Hope this helped you in your every coding ???? .

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