Enjoying life’s simple pleasures thanks to Edgewell Personal Care

Enjoying life’s simple pleasures thanks to Edgewell Personal Care: Hummingbirds are challengers by nature.  Small, but strong and very resourceful, these tiny birds pack a punch well beyond their size.  Some species of hummingbirds can fly as fast as 93 miles (150 kilometers) per hour. Some can flap their wings 8 to 10 times per second.  And some are as tiny as a bumble bee and weigh less than an ounce. 

When Energizer Holdings Incorporated split into two publically-traded companies, the personal care business branded itself as Edgewell Personal Care and chose the hummingbird as its logo image.

Hummingbirds surprise and delight people, making them feel happy, and Edgewell products do exactly that.

With over 25 brands sold in over 50 countries, Edgewell is responsible for many simple pleasures.  My favorite is the fruity, coconut smell released when spraying Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil under the warm rays of the sun.    My sister prefers the smell of Banana Boat Kids SPF 50.  She swears by it because under its protection, her five beach-babies never burn. 

Edgewell also provides us with products to prepare us for everyday life like Schick razors and Skintimate shaving cream. The company creates Playtex, Carefree, and Stayfree feminine products, Diaper Genie, and Wet Ones wipes.

Edgewell products are those that we use at almost every stage of life.

The company takes great pride in what it creates, and like the hummingbird, Edgewell corporate culture embodies a challenger mentality.  Edgewell employees are “roll-up-your-sleeves” kind of people who help each other out and share a strong desire to win.

When Energizer Holding Incorporated divided into two separate companies, management needed to ensure that both entities would not only be fully functional, but also in a better state than before the split.

Focused on top-line growth, increased market share, and simplified business processes, Edgewell decided to replace a very old legacy HR application.  After comparing both Workday and SAP SuccessFactors solutions, Edgewell chose SuccessFactors, an SAP company, because SAP offered a rapid deployment solution and individual module implementation.

Edgewell replaced its archaic, labor-intense software with a modern, self-service model that’s accessible via mobile device and tablet.

In an interview at SuccessConnect Las Vegas this past August, Jermaine Holt, director of global business services at Edgewell Personal Care, summarized Edgewell’s technological journey:  “We were in the Dark Ages, and we moved past the 70’s, the 80’s, and into the 21st century…”  

Holt explained that the organization was ready for advanced technology. Most employees were already using mobile apps and tablets in their personal lives.  It only made sense to leverage this simplicity and convenience at the office too.

Typically companies struggle with lengthy implementations.  Holt continued, “Most companies don’t have the patience for back-office software.” 

Because of the company divide, the implementation project was on a time crunch. The solutions not only needed to be implemented and deployed at Edgewell, but also needed to be cloned to satisfy Energizer Holdings Incorporated.

The SAP Service & Support organization was selected to manage the implementation because, “The service and support team at SAP really knows their product. They’re able to tell us things that we don’t really see from an organizational standpoint. They tell us what to look for and what landmines may be out there in the organization that we don’t realize.”

By standardizing and centralizing many disparate processes, Edgewell is operating successfully as its own public company. Like the hummingbird, Edgewell Personal Care is fast, agile, and innovative.  The company is committed to delivering wellbeing and simple pleasures to its customers.

You may think that I’m being dramatic, but without the fantastic smell of Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion, my summers would be bland and gray.  For me, that distinct scent triggers the release of endorphins.  It means summer, vacation, and an abundance of vitamin D.

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