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We all use “Class” to categories / organise / group large number of objects such as equipment, functional Location, Material, documents etc by means of their respective specification i.e. characteristics. However I felt that many people face difficulty in getting the proper reports out of this segregated data of class and characteristics for the objects.

In this blog I will try to explain how to get the equipment report with Characteristic values through CL30N. Similarly, the same method can be used to get the report of other objects.


Goto CL30N


Enter the class and class type (002 for equipment class) and press enter



Now the list of Characteristics will be displayed, if you wish to find objects with particular characteristic values, you can enter the value or else keep them blank and click on “Find in initial class” 


List of objects will be displayed in the lower table, to make the characteristic values to be visible click on Change layout



Select the required chars which you wish to be displayed and add them to displayed columns (left side) and click on continue



now you will see the report of objects with characteristic values.


Please note that by default, the number of hits displayed shall be restricted to 100, if you wish to change/remove, goto extras – user settings – click on tab “Find Object” – and change / remove maximum hits as per your requirements.


Hope someone finds it useful. Please leave comments / suggestions..



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