ESEFA Meets Zambikes

ESEFA Meets Zambikes: The ESEFA project is adapting the SAP UA GBI curriculum for Africa and will be setting up a GBI-Africa client. The project aims to incorporate a video of how a bicycle company operates in Africa and have chosen Zambikes, based in Lusaka, Zambia, as a model company. Zambikes is known globally for their custom handcrafted bamboo frames.  The video will give students a context which is easy to relate to when learning about Enterprise Systems.

Bamboo bike being manufactured


ESEFA team members Gwamaka Mwalemba and Karin Reissenauer travelled to Lusaka in early February to meet the Zambikes team and visit the factory and administration offices.  Gwamaka, who will be writing the storyboard for the video shoot at Zambikes (planned for early March) said, “It was a great experience meeting the Zambikes team – the whole journey was a huge learning experience not only in terms of understanding and seeing in action the core values upon which Zambikes was founded, but also the contribution they are making to society, their motto being “not only building bikes but changing lives” which synchronizes so perfectly with the overall objectives of the ESEFA programme.”

The ESEFA Team (middle) with some Zambikes employees

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