On multiple projects the same question usually comes up: How do you valuate (Pay differently) a single absence type that deducts from multiple Quotas?

Upfront I need to state that I received a large portion of the configuration from this link:

Valuate Absences after Quota Deduction | SCN


  • Absence Type created in T554S e.g. Sick Leave
  • Quotas created via the T559L process e.g. Sick Leave 100% and Sick Leave 33% and Sick Leave 0%
  • The below is created per payment valuation (i.e. 100%, 50% and 0%)
    • Create 1 valuation call it Paid Leave) for your absence and multiple for your Quota factoring in V_T554L
    • Create counting class in V_T554E
    • Finally create the Valuation Rule in V_T554L

The main table that will be used is V_T554A: Breakdown of Absences After Quota Deduction

The principle that has to be implemented is that a single Absence type is linked to one valuation rule. Multiple valuation rules that change the payment are then linked to their specific quotas.

Step 1: Go to V_T554A and select the relevant Country grouping

Step 2: Under the FIRST Val Rule enter the single valuation rule linked to your absence

Step 3: Complete the relevant Quota details (PSG, ESG, QTYP)

Step 4: Finally enter the Valuation that should be applied to the Quota after it has been deducted

Breakdown of the Tables that must be completed

The single Val Rule linked to the Absence Type (T554S) is then linked to multiple Val Rule against the Quotas

Note: Depending on your country you must activate a certain condition for custom Payroll Function RAB

Step 6: Go to PE04 and enter RAB and click change (dev key might be required)

Step 7: Under the parameter list highlight the Number 3 SPLQU Quota Split and click the details button

Step 8: Under the available values for Parameter 3, select the one with X and click display

Step 9: The standard countries that allow the evaluating by Absence quota are displayed. SAP advises that activating the function for a non designated country is done at own risk.

Step 10: Add the parameter to the Function in the Schema

A visual representation of the steps needed to updated the Function

Update in Payroll Schema

Step 11: Capture the relevant absence to check that it deducts from different Quotas

Step 12: Execute a Payroll to ensure that the correct Valuation rules are referenced

Step 13: Payroll… must Pay

A summary of the RAB processing in the Schema which shows the evaluation after quota deduction

Function PAB displays the different values set under the Valuation Rules/Counting Class

The above is dependant on how the PY consultant pro-rates / factors leave

Step The Last: The above summarises the steps required in order to activate the evaluation.

Final Note: In some instances RPTBPC10 might have to be executed in order to ensure Quota deduction is in the right sequence.

Any comments, queries, appreciations, criticisms and general praise is welcome.


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