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Learning in the Cloud: SAP User Experience

Learning in the Cloud: SAP User Experience: Learning today is a dynamic activity between those of us who know what we need to learn and those of us who do not know what we need to learn and hence require a little bit of guidance. Learning techniques are constantly evolving in response to changes and challenges in the market and a learner’s own priorities and behaviors of learning are also shifting. As individuals seek to learn more quickly in order to deliver high-value solutions to their customers, SAP Education’s responsibility is to ensure that the same individual has access to an environment of learning that is dynamic, exploratory, experiential, and whose content is continually evolving as SAP solutions evolve themselves – all in a timely fashion. The new SAP User Experience Learning Room was created with this in mind, so as to address the needs of today’s learner, to provide a platform where individuals can learn from experts as well as from each other while consuming myriads of technical content to help them through their professional journey.

The SAP User Experience learning room is a learning environment where IT professionals and developers invested in SAP’s User Experience design principles, tools, and solutions can come together to consume, discuss and add experiential value to all the content that SAP Education has to offer. The learning room provides subscribers of the SAP Learning Hub a collaborative environment for rapid knowledge acquisition about SAP’s User Experience (UX) strategy, design thinking, its suite of UX solutions and frameworks, third-part tools and standards, and best practices. You will have access to an immense amount of content and to experienced subject-matter experts who serve as Room Leads focused on helping you with SAP solutions such as SAP Fiori, SAP Screen Personas, SAPUI5, SAP Gateway. The learning room is an organic place that includes role-and solution-based learning paths such as SAPUI5 developers, SAP Fiori administrators, developers, technology consultants, and architects, etc. In the learning room, everyone can come together to learn and experience the powerful technologies that SAP has to offer in the realm of User Experience with a single SAP Learning Hub subscription.

This room will incorporate new content as new releases of courses and/or modular eLearning content become available in order to support future solution releases. The learning room also provides a forum in which the Learning Room Leads and participants can contribute content by way of their own valuable information, experience, collaboration efforts and interactive exchanges. Some of the dynamic and interactive activities you will find in the SAP User Experience learning include:


  • Content consumption at your own pace
  • Continuous growth of new content in multiple formats: e.g. flipbooks, simulations, expert videos, etc.
  • Access to high-quality solution simulations and demonstrations created with SAP’s own Workforce Performance Builder (WPB)
  • Ability to upload and share your own content in PDF, MS Word, MS PPT and even WPB format
  • Access to Scheduled Live Info Sessions by the room’s lead experts and guest speakers – all Info Session events will be recorded, archived and accessible to room members for later use
  • Live Access to available Live Access training systems for hands-on practice and exercises
  • Collaboration using Forums, Email, Messaging with experts and/or between members

Subscribing to the SAP Learning Hub and Accessing the Learning Room:

If you are not yet a subscriber to the SAP Learning Hub, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this enormous opportunity to access an incredible amount of high-quality content and activities. You can purchase an SAP Learning Hub subscription for either the Partner or Customer editions here:

  • HUB020 – SAP Learning Hub, customer edition
  • HUB030 – SAP Learning Hub, partner edition

Once you become a subscriber, search for the SAP User Experience Learning Room and request that you become a member of the room. You will then get a notification of membership and begin your SAP UX learning journey. It’s that easy. View the How to Register for a Learning Room video to learn more.

Sampling of SAP User Experience Learning Room Topics:

To give you a glimpse of the content you will find in the SAP User Experience learning room, I have given you a sampling below. This is just a portion and not the entire content domain. Also, keep in mind that the room is by design dynamic and will be continuously updated with additional content:

Design Thinking (All roles):

  • SAP Design Thinking Principle for all roles – The first learning path provides the same high-quality content you would get with the course THINK1. You will also have access to an expert who has gone through design thinking and can help answer some of your questions about the SAP Design Thinking methodology and principle. For those of you who want to learn how to build business application models using SAP’s Design Thinking principles, the same track also contains all the material used in the live classroom course THINK3.

SAP Screen Personas (Developer and Administrator roles):

  • The SAP Screen Personas learning path contains all the SAP training content for both SAP Screen Personas 2.0 and the latest SAP Screen Personas 3.0. You will find the same high quality content you receive when you take the classes SAPUX and SAPX09 and much more content that aims to demonstrate technical details on the creation and administration of SAP Screen Personas 2.0 and 3.0 flavors and themes. You will not only find course materials in this path, but also an abundance of videos, eLearning (SAPX9e) and WPB simulations. And of course, you will also have at your fingertips access to a seasoned subject matter expert for both SAP Screen Personas 2.0 and 3.0.

HTML5 and SAP SAPUI5 (Developer role):

  • This learning path will provide a valuable introduction and beginner to advanced technical training (SAPX04) for developers and solution architects new to HTML5. If you are already well-versed on HTML5, you can move on to the content specifically relating to SAPUI5, starting with SAPX05 and then move on to SAPX08, where you will learn how to develop SAP Fiori-like applications from the ground up using the SAP SAPUI5 framework.


SAP Fiori (Administrator role):

  • This learning path provides valuable introductions and highly technical content about SAP Fiori Launchpad, Security, and standard and custom apps deployment and administration. Aside from videos, expert created papers, etc., the path contains all the content currently available in the SAPX03, SAPX11, and SAPX1e courses and will continually grow in this area as new content is created and uploaded to the SAP Learning Hub.

SAP Fiori (Developer role):

  • This learning path provides content related to the development of Fiori and Fiori-like apps based on SAP Design principles, the SAPUI5 framework, SAP Gateway, and includes expert created best practices for developers. Combined with the HTML5 and SAP SAPUI5 learning path, you will have access to a significant amount of technical content that will get you started towards the development of robust SAP Fiori and SAP Fiori-like applications for desktop and mobile. Some of the topics include:
    • SAP Fiori Guidelines (2015)
    • SAP Fiori Launchpad Architecture
    • SAP Fiori Launchpad for Developers
    • Aligning SAPUI5 apps to work like SAP Fiori Apps in the SAP Fiori Launchpad
    • Mobile Single Sign-On for SAP Fiori
    • SAP Fiori Framework for Mobile Consumption
    • Creation of Fiori-Like Apps: Sales Order Tracking Example
    • Using the SAP Fiori Reference Applications as Templates
    • Introduction to the SAP Fiori Client
    • Kapsel SDK and the SAP Fiori Client
    • And much more…

SAP Gateway OData Services Development (Developer role):


  • This learning path starts with material and training content from in the popular GW100 course, so as to introduce SAP Gateway, and then moves on to advanced topics covering administration and the development of OData Channel Services. This learning path is packed with technical content about security, deployment, and contains quite a few videos and other technical information about OData and SP Gateway’s role with SAP Fiori, SAPUI5 apps, and SMP.

I do hope you take advantage of this SAP Learning Room. Please feel free to reach out to me in the case you have questions about how to find the room once you become an SAP Learning Hub subscriber.

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