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you know the SAP MaxDB online Training sessions – so called Expert Sessions – for SAP MaxDB Experts and Administrators?

The Session information can be downloaded for free.
You find the recording and slides of the past Expert Sessions here -> https://maxdb.sap.com/training/

Now the SAP MaxDB Development team delivered new information about most of the Expert Sessions in additional slides News_2015 which are stored in the training area as well for download.

For Content Server 6.50 there are additional slides (News_2015 – pdf-Files) with current information about changes on SAP MaxDB Database Level available:

  • Session 23: SAP MaxDB & SAP Content Server Architecture

    Highlights: under Unix (only) documents > 2 Gbyte can be stored
  • Session 24: SAP MaxDB & SAP Content Server Housekeeping

    Please pay attention to information about the Database Configuration limit for data volumes – you will find information how to change configuration smoothly if you are affected to reach the limit soon.
  • Session 25: SAP MaxDB & SAP Content Server ODBC

    Now ODBC driver version 7.9 is in use

Please use these new slides in combination with the recorded session and the session related slides.


New NetWeaver Information at SAP.com

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