Due to several mails requesting me to re-open submissions I decided that we would go ahead and re-open the SAP Community Day Virtual sessions until August 15th, 2009.

Many apparently were confused and thought the Community Day sessions, which are actually a set of vritual sessions taking place the ENTIRE month of September, were “theme related” so to clarify there is NO THEME with these sessions and they will be held via Adobe Connect during September and each presenter will receive 100 points as well as a special invitation (if they are physically attending Phoenix, Vienna and/or Bangalore) to join the SAP Mentors for a evening event the day before the SAP TechEd starts in each location.

So if you want to attend this special evening event and you are not an SAP Mentor this is your ONLY chance, you need to submit your session idea and then of course blog about it and promote it between now and August 15th (promoting goes until August 20th) because we will be holding a voting for the 15 to 20 best sessions and those will be the ones presented during September!

Again this is your only chance for the special invite for Phoenix, Vienna and Bangalore!

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