Extract your source data and prepare it for loading into your target system with Advanced Data Migration: In my previous blog, I explained how Get to know your target system with Advanced Data Migration. In this blog, I will subsequently explain how to extract your source data and prepare it for loading into your target system.

For this, I use the Northwind database as my source system:

Object Explorer 7381128

To start with, I create a System Type for this database in ADM > Common > System Types:

Next I create a corresponding source database in my ADM server:

New Database 8662351

And register it as a Migration Source Database in ADM > Common > Configuration > Data Source Registry with my new System Type SQL Server:

Similarly, I register my Northwind database as an External System Connection of Data Source Type ODBC:

Data Source Registration Northwnd 2732447

Especially important is the Connection String in Advanced Settings, e.g.:

Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;Uid=myUsername;Pwd=myPassword;

With this I can add my Northwind database as a Target in ADM > Collect > Targets and Target Sources respectively:

This allows me to Fetch Tables from my Northwind Database into my System Type:

Fetch Tables 8362368

Where I find them, and can choose which ones to replicate. In my scenario, I am interested in the customers so I chose the respective table:

To Import Group Tables into my Target Source:

Import Group Tables 1132152

Which enables me to extract them with Build And Refresh:

Thus, I get my 91 customers:

Source Northwnd 7456713

Based on this I define the field mappings from my Northwind database to my SAP system:

Since this is a big topic it is covered individually in more detail in my blog Map your source data to your target system with Advanced Data Migration.

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