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Fiori and Office365: Since SAP Gateway and SAP UX technologies started to become popular, also did the use of the OData protocol to build mobile apps like Fiori and other UI5 apps.

The part that many don’t know about, is that OData was initially defined by Microsoft! This means that it is also a preferred way to exchange information for Microsoft products, particularly SharePoint & Office365.

Given also that many companies are taking email to the cloud, migrating to Office365 lets them take advantage of SharePoint Online, being able to easily model tasks & workflows with tight and powerful email + Outlook integration.

But what is missing? Business critical info. Tasks, workflows and email notifications for business critical processes, need SAP integration. With the appropriate SAP UX and SharePoint Online knowledge, there is a lightweight way to use Fiori services and securely manage SAP critical tasks also on Office365, whithout additional requirements or licenses, with modern OAuth 2.0 authentication and without storing critical info on the cloud.

Also, now that HANA Cloud Platform is available to customers, its infrastructure and services can be used as an alternative to SAP Gateway, without having to maintain its instances onpremise:

Fiori and Office365

Thanks to Fiori and OData, Office365 and SAP understand each other very well, letting companies fill the gap and integrate all their processes using these world-class platforms.

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