Welcome to the SAP Fiori blog series brought to you by the S/4HANA Regional Implementation Group (RIG).  Throughout the series we shall cover the fundamentals of SAP Fiori, to simplify our delivery we will be leveraging the latest updates, content and methodologies from product management and experiences from field enablement.  To help you we will highlight opportunities where business value and recurring benefits of a Fiori based value strategy will help make the right decisions when deploying SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori

The series is spread over ten informative blogs, starting with Fundamentals let’s begin.


SAP Fiori is the leading design (reddot award 2015) for all SAP applications. SAP is evolving the SAP Fiori experience to all SAP solutions over time—providing a harmonized user experience across on-premise and cloud solutions leveraging the S/4HANA simplified data model.

Business Value

Why invest in a user experience? you quickly appreciate that value to the business delivers tangible and imperceptible benefits i.e. physical vs monetary.

  • A unified experience across lines of business improves customer satisfaction, helps reinforce commitment of a culture of innovation. A downstream benefit being employee retention.
  • Measure your potential savings by investing in a better user experience using the UX Value Calculator. Reference helpful business benefits and KPI’s table 1.

Fundamental Assets

Business Benefits

Business Benefits Description Type of Economic Impact
Reduce Av. Training cost of new users SAP Fiori simple user interface can drastically reduce training costs, reducing ramp-up time required for new users and allowing them to reach full productivity sooner. Cost Reduction
Reduce number of unnecessary calls to service desk With SAP Fiori, end users get access to the information they need to perform their job. They don’t need to be handhold on how to use the product and can be self-service, hence reducing the burden on services desk support, such as technical SAP support and/or HR support. Cost Reduction
Reduce IT average incident resolution time Managing multiple UI technologies & access points is expensive for IT. SAP Fiori and SAP Fiori Launchpad allows IT to provide a homogenous UI across all SAP products and a single access point to all enterprise apps. Having a standardize UI can help speed up incident resolution and free up service desk capacity. Cost Reduction
Reduce mobile app development effort SAP Web IDE, reduces the time to build SAP Fiori (HTML 5) apps & streamlines the process to expose SAP functionality to mobile devices. Cost Reduction
Avoid Costs Associated with Data Errors Data errors, in most cases, are avoidable. Minimizing the number of screens with SAP Fiori simple user interface can avoid the potential costs incurred in fixing data errors. For example, having to processes customer returns due to incorrect sales orders. Cost Reduction
Avoid costs to replace software due to unhappy end users Employees spend a large part of their time using technology to accomplish their work. The experience employees have with these tools can greatly impact their job satisfaction.  Unhappy employees will complain and in most cases not use the SW which can eventually force IT to replace it and incur in costs that are avoidable. Cost Reduction
Increase Utilization of Shelf-ware Licenses End users don’t use complex Software. SAP Fiori modern, simple user interface accessible “on the go” has the potential to motivate employees to utilize the SW, hence reducing shelf-ware licenses and as a side benefit increase compliance. Cost Avoidance(usually no cash flow impact)
Reduction of time to perform employee activities Manual paper based processes and complex Software wastes employee’s time. SAP Fiori, simple role based and mobile UI can dramatically automate and reduce the time required to perform day to day activities resulting in greater employee productivity Productivity Gains       (usually no cash flow impact)

Special thanks to Mark Muir and Benjamin Hindelang for making this blog series possible.

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