Digitization is the word on everyone’s lips. Businesses, governments, and other public organizations are busy trying to define their own digital roadmap. But how is this connected with sustainability?

Events like the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris or the World Economic Forum in Davos made clear that if businesses want to survive, they have to learn how to become sustainable. And digitization plays a key role in enabling this.

The free massive open online course “Sustainability through Digital Transformation” aims to show the opportunities digitization offers to further drive sustainability. The course allows learners to explore how technology power can help companies become more successful while contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For all working in the software sector, IT seems a natural tool to solve a specific problem including those that the UN SDGs address. However, globally, the power of IT is really underestimated. Did you know for instance, that IT has a significant CO2 abatement potential? It improves transparency and automation and creates efficiency gains. Thereby, it increases resource productivity and reduces energy consumption.

But there is much more IT could do to address many of the other global challenges beyond climate change: Based on a recent McKinsey global institute report 99% of all available data is digital, but we only analyze 1 %. That indicates how much more insights could be gained through wisely applied data analytics. Yet, in many cases IT is not even considered as part of a potential solution.

To change this, we’ll look at examples of how to leverage digital innovation to transform industry sectors, including health, mobility, financial services, and education for the better.

Check out this 4-minute video to get an overview of the course content, structure and logistics.

This 3 week course is highly relevant to students and professionals alike. It is free of charge and will start on April 13, with work assignments being distributed for an entire week at a time. This allows you to learn whenever and wherever you want. Upon successful completion you will receive a record of achievement from SAP.

Please find more information and register here: Sustainability Through Digital Transformation – Daniel Schmid, Will Ritzrau and Barbara Fluegge

After registration, please inform your friends, customers and partners about this course as well. The more people that understand how to leverage digital transformation to create sustainable impact, the better off we all will be in the future!!!

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