Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Roambi: SAP BusinessObjects Roambi provides cloud-based analytics designed for employees on the go. With SAP BusinessObjects Roambi, users can instantly access critical business information from anywhere and on any device – even if they are offline! To understand the functionality and capabilities, as well as to learn how to use SAP BusinessObjects Roambi, join the new openSAP course, Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Roambi.

SAP BusinessObjects Roambi mobile apps are available for Apple, Google, and Windows devices and users can select from a variety of visualizations such as Card, Pulse, Layers, CataList, PieView, Trends, and much more. With a mobile or web app, SAP BusinessObjects Roambi transforms data from diverse sources into rich, interactive experiences for mobile users and allows users to publish reports, dashboards, and analytics for data consumers.

With this free openSAP course, Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Roambi, you will learn:

  • how to configure and administer the SAP BusinessObjects Roambi account
  • how to create the different visualizations
  • about data integration options
  • how to create content in Roambi Flow to add context to the SAP BusinessObjects Roambi views

The course starts March 13 and runs over three weeks. If you’re an SAP Customer ready to implement SAP BusinessObjects Roambi, SAP Partner, or SAP Consultant, then this course is aimed at you. All you need to sign up is a valid email address – registration, course content, and Record of Achievement are provided completely free of charge.

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