Happy #APIFriday everyone! This week I am giving you a sneak peak of the kegerator API so you can prep to build the best app ever for Hack the Keg Barcelona. Interested in Hack the Keg in Barcelona? Register now!

In case you have no idea what Hack the Keg is, here’s the TL;DR – it’s an evening event at TechEd sponsored by Apple and SAP where there is free beer and a chance to try the Fiori iOS SDK! We had a great event with a lot of cool apps at TechEd Las Vegas, and now I am here to help you, TechEd Barcelona attendees, so you can make the best apps. You’ll be using Keg API 2.0 and the iOS SDK, but my sneak peek is with Keg API 1.0 and SAPUI5 for a webapp.

Now’s your chance to preview the data we’ve collected from other events and tinker to see what ideas come flowing out of your brain tap. Jot ’em down, mock ’em up (using SAP BUILD perhaps?), and get ready to rock Hack the Keg Barcelona! Remember, this is the 1.0 version of the API so it cannot be used for the actual event. This is just to spark the creativity in you!

Here’s the URL for the Keg API 1.0: https://sapdevsdd27584c4.us2.hana.ondemand.com/sap/devs/apps/keggie/api/vegas.xsodata/

Give it a try and then bring your best ideas to TechEd Barcelona and join us Tuesday Nights for Hack the Keg with SAP and Apple! Register now!

Not an iOS/Swift expert? Don’t worry! We’ll have experts from Apple and SAP to help you get started with Xcode, Swift, Fiori SDK, and whatever else you may need help with.

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