Hosting an SAP CodeJam Event: A time to learn, network and have fun.

Hosting an SAP CodeJam Event: SAP CodeJam is a 5 to 6 hours hands-on coding and networking event where attendees share their knowledge and collaboratively develop with SAP technologies, platforms and tools in a fun and casual environment. The events are developer community focused and supported by SAP, exploring technologies available through the SAP Developer Center.

Each event is based on a single topic around several of SAP technologies. It is critical that each technology has a trial or developer edition available so that each attendee is able to continue working after they leave the event – this is also why the list does not encompass “all” technologies from SAP. Several primary technologies are of course focused on but if you have an additional request and we have a trial/developer edition available please reach out to us!

  • SAP HANA (SAP HANA Platform Developer Page)
  • SAP Cloud Platform (SAP Cloud Platform Developer Page)
  • SAPUI5 (SAPUI5 Developer Center)
  • ABAP Development (ABAP for SAP HANA)
  • SAP HANA Vora (SAP HANA Vora Developer Center)

Within these technologies we have several focus areas for the CodeJam events:

  • SAP HANA XSC (available for SPS12)
  • Getting Started with SAP HANA, express edition
  • SAPUI5
  • SAP Cloud Platform, Java development
  • SAP Cloud Platform, mobile services
  • SAP Cloud Platform. IoT services
  • SAP Cloud Platform, predictive services
  • SAP Jam collaboration environment (SAP Jam | Cloud Collaboration Tools & Software | SAP)
  • SAP Cloud Platform, Portal services
  • ABAP for SAP HANA Fundamentals
  • ABAP for SAP HANA with Fiori
  • Additional Topics
    • SAP Gateway
    • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira (Visual Extensions SDK)
    • SAP Cloud Platform, integration services
    • ABAP in Eclipse




SAP CodeJam Exclusive Editions:

SAP CodeJam Exclusive Edition offers individual organizations a chance to let their own development teams come together with an SAP experts for a 1-2 day combination event. These combination events allow SAP experts to show up to 50 developers from a specific organizations new technologies from SAP and how those technologies may work together with their existing systems. The event format is specifically only for the requesting organizations and their employees. SAP will send our experts to your location at our expense, however additional costs and logistics are the responsibility of the requesting organization.




What topics do we offer for the SAP CodeJam Exclusive Edition format?

Choices for the topic series at this time are somewhat limited and future topics could be added.

  • Series: SAP Cloud Platform & SAP IoT Services
  • Series: SAP HANA XS & SAP HANA XS with UI5
  • Series: SAP UI5 with SAP WebIDE & SAP Gateway

How can you request a SAP CodeJam Exclusive Edition?

It’s very simple, just send us a request to  and provide us with the following information:

  • Name of your organization
  • Number of participating employees (up to 50)
  • 3 Possible dates for this 2 day event series
  • Physical Address of where it should take place
  • Company logo (we’d like to include it in our graphic and on our website if that is acceptable)
  • Topic series of choice


Anyone can host an SAP CodeJam. To run an event in your city, please follow these guidelines.

6-8 Weeks Before the Event

  1. To request a CodeJam event in your city, submit an email request to the following email address: . In the email, please include the name and email of the main contact person for the event, country and city in which the event will take place, estimated number of attendees, address of the location the event will be held, topic of the event and at least 3 possible dates for the event to take place. Be sure to include a bio of yourself and WHY you want to host a CodeJam event. The following criteria should be meet in order to have a request approved.
    • The event is low key and causal. This is not a workshop or training.
    • You should be able to provide a location for the event, internet access (this should be unrestricted access) as well as power.
    • 25 to 40 attendees, now we don’t expect you to provide them all but as these events are local we do expect you to help find those attendees and provide at least a few yourselves.
    • No giveaways or gifts should be given out or included nor will SAP provide these items. It is acceptable to give pads of paper, pens, etc for use during the event.

You’ll be contacted within 1 to 2 days of submitting your request by an SAP CodeJam team member who will help guide you through the rest of the process.

5 Weeks Before the Event

  1. SAP will create a registration link for the event that will be provided to the host and then made public for sign ups.
  2. SAP will be to market and promote the event on a global level through SAP Developer Events space, SAP newsletters, etc. The host/requester will be responsible for promoting the event at a local level.
  3. SAP will secure access to the systems needed/required for the event.
  4. SAP will inform the host/requester of the name of the SAP expert once their availability has been secured.

3-4 Weeks Before the Event

  1. SAP and the host/requester should continue to promote the event through your networks and social media channels (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.) – Don’t forget to include the registration link.
  2. The requester/host needs to organize the catering for the event and provide SAP an invoice or a quote of catering cost.

1 Week Before the Event

  1. SAP will send out an email to the people registered for the event with the list of links to materials that will help them get prepared (e.g. tutorials, videos, requests for trial licenses, etc.).
  2. Two days before the event, SAP will send an event reminder notification to all attendees.

During the Event

  1. The host/requester should ensure that all attendees are “checked in” either via the online application or via a check in list.
  2. Any attendee not previously registered should be added with the following information: Name, Email, Company Name, Country – this information along with the check in information should be sent to  within 24hrs concluding the event.
  3. SAP expert and host/requester should ensure that all attendees have the information they need and aware of the location of the bathrooms, food, etc.
  4. SAP should take pictures of the attendees and the activities during the event for publication on various online channels.
  5. SAP is responsible for paying for the catering on the day of the event. The requester/host is responsible for providing the proper invoice so that SAP can pay for the cost.

A Week After the Event

  1. Post a blog about the experience on SAP Community (include pictures if possible) and share the link to the blog on the Facebook SAP CodeJam page (
  2. SAP should receive the full attendee list of the event.

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