In my recent project I need to figure out the logic how fields in table CRMD_PRICING are populated.
Take several of them highlighted below for example:
Here is the test data I used to demonstrate the scenario.
I have created a corporate account which is assigned to Sales Organization O 50000732, Distribution Channel 01, Division 02.
And in Pricing->Pricing in the Business Transaction->Determine Pricing Procedures, I maintain a corresponding determination procedure:
The document pricing procedure for my own transaction type ZSRV is maintained as S:
For customer pricing procedure flag, it is maintained in the sales data in my corporate account:
So far all customizing are done.
Now create a new Service order, enter that corporate account as Sold-to Party:
function module CRM_PRICING_PARTNER_CHANGE_EC will be called.
Inside it CRM_PRICING_MERGE_FROM_BUPA_OW will be called to get the pricing data from that corporate account.
Those data are read from account and stored in variable ls_data:
Later they are copied to pricing workarea field by field:
This is how pricing set is created.
Once you saved the service order successfully,
Execute the report below to directly print out the data in CRMD_SHIPPING which belongs to this service order:
REPORT tool_display_order_price_head. PARAMETERS: objid TYPE crmd_orderadm_h-object_id OBLIGATORY DEFAULT '5700000507', obtype TYPE crmd_orderadm_h-process_type OBLIGATORY DEFAULT 'SRVO'. SELECT SINGLE guid INTO @DATA(lv_guid) FROM crmd_orderadm_h WHERE object_id = @objid AND process_type = @obtype. IF sy-subrc <> 0. WRITE:/ ' Service Order does not exist'. RETURN. ENDIF. SELECT SINGLE * INTO @DATA(ls_link) FROM crmd_link WHERE guid_hi = @lv_guid AND objtype_hi = '05' AND objtype_set = '09'. IF sy-subrc <> 0. WRITE:/ 'no price data exists for this order'. RETURN. ENDIF. SELECT SINGLE * INTO @DATA(ls_price) FROM crmd_pricing WHERE guid = @ls_link-guid_set. IF sy-subrc <> 0. WRITE:/ 'no price data exists for this order'. RETURN. ENDIF. cl_crm_1order_set_print_tool=>print_structure( ls_price ).
CLASS cl_crm_1order_set_print_tool DEFINITION PUBLIC FINAL CREATE PUBLIC . PUBLIC SECTION. CLASS-METHODS print_structure IMPORTING !is_data TYPE any . PROTECTED SECTION. PRIVATE SECTION. ENDCLASS. CLASS CL_CRM_1ORDER_SET_PRINT_TOOL IMPLEMENTATION. METHOD print_structure. DATA(lo_struct_descr) = CAST cl_abap_structdescr( cl_abap_datadescr=>describe_by_data( is_data ) ). DATA(lt_comp) = lo_struct_descr->components. DO. ASSIGN COMPONENT sy-index OF STRUCTURE is_data TO FIELD-SYMBOL(). IF sy-subrc <> 0. RETURN. ENDIF. READ TABLE lt_comp ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL() INDEX sy-index. IF  IS NOT INITIAL. DATA(lv_color) = sy-index MOD 4. DATA(lv_print) = |Field: { -name }, value: {  } |. CASE lv_color. WHEN 0. WRITE: / lv_print COLOR COL_NEGATIVE. WHEN 1. WRITE: / lv_print COLOR COL_POSITIVE. WHEN 2. WRITE: / lv_print COLOR COL_GROUP. WHEN 3. WRITE: / lv_print COLOR COL_KEY. ENDCASE. ENDIF. ENDDO. ENDMETHOD. ENDCLASS.


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