This is the second part of my scn document about “How to build SAP B1 Fiori apps on HANA”. Please read the first part for learning how to use the LOCAL SAP WEB IDE to build Fiori apps on HANA for SAP Business One.

How to build SAP Fiori apps on HANA – part1

How to build Fiori apps for SAP Business One on HANA – part3


You can download the sample from here. it is quite simple app where it can display info details of all SAP Business One Partners from a specific company database. It allows searching partners by their name, displaying their Balance, contacts and address…etc. The app uses an HANA XS based OData Service for expsoing Business Partners’ details of the SBODEMOUS Demo Company Database.


The app is based on Fiori Master-Details view Template, where you have got the Business Partners List in the “Master View”, and the corresponding details in the “Details View”. You can build your apps based on such template using the SAP WEB IDE.


To be able to access the app, you need to do the following:

  1. Import via the HANA Studio the “Delivery Unit” you have just downloaded from the above link, with the help of your HANA Studio,
  2. Adjust the app’s url below with your HANA server’s hostname or ip-address:



The app can run on desktop browsers, tablets and also smart phones.

Enjoy it ???? , please send me your feedback if any, and wait for my thrid and last part for how to build Fiori apps on HANA that can integrates with the SAP B1 Service Layer for quering and posting data from and to the SAP B1 Company Databases.

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