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In this document I will be explaining how to configure a scheduled data import with DTW (Data Transfer Workbench).

This was configured on a Windows 7 SP1 64-bit machine, running SAP Business One 32-bit Version 9.0 PL09 HF1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
All software was on a single computer.


  1. You have installed SAP Business One.
  2. You have installed DTW.
  3. You have administrative access to your computer.
  4. You have set the SAP Business One .exe to run as administrator.
  5. You have set the DTW .exe to run as administrator.
  6. You have successfully used DTW before and are proficient in it.
  7. Task Scheduler is available on your computer.


  1. Prepare an data import file or database (ODBC) as you normally would.
  2. Open up DTW and login.
  3. Follow the normal steps you would take to import the file.
  4. Once you get to Step 7, click the Save button. Choose a directory and a file name, making sure the directory AND file name contain no spaces. It will NOT work if there are spaces. Click Save.

  5. You can cancel out of the Step 7 DTW screen, log off and then close DTW.
  6. Next is to make a batch file.
    Open up Notepad and enter in the three things.

    The file directory to the DTW .EXE (Mine is C:Program Files (x86)SAPData Transfer WorkbenchDTW.exe)
    As this file directory has spaces in it (EG: Program Files (x86)) it MUST be encapsulated in double quotes.
    So it should look something like this “C:Program Files (x86)SAPData Transfer WorkbenchDTW.exe”

    An -s which indicates that there is a source file expected.

    And finally the file directory of the source file which in my case is C:UsersPublicDocumentsDTWScheduledRunItemDescriptionUpdate.xml
    This directory must NOT have spaces in it.
    It should look something like this C:UsersPublicDocumentsDTWScheduledRunItemDescriptionUpdate.xml

    Also, when entering this into the Notepad, make sure you enter it all on the same line.
    So don’t press enter, type it in as one long sentence.

  7. Go to save this file, give it a name and put the extension .bat at the end of it.

  8. You should have 3 files now as noted below.

  9. Now it is time to setup the task in Task Scheduler.
  10. Go to Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and click on Task Scheduler.
  11. Once this opens, click on the menu name Action and choose Create Basic Task.
  12. Give it a name and description and click Next.

  13. Choose a trigger and click Next

  14. Then choose Start a Program and click Next. Click the Browse button and choose the .bat file we made earlier and click Next.

  15. Review the information and select the checkbox for Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish and then click Finish.
  16. In the properties windows, select the radio icon next to Run whether user is logged on or not and the checkbox next to Run with highest privileges.

  17. Click OK and enter in your credentials. Click OK again.

This should be it!

Note, I have included my working files I made for reference.

Please give any feedback.

Kind Regards,

Nick Lakasas

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