Edit: Please bear in mind that I am currently on a SAP NW 7.4 and therefore not able to test the functionality on BC 6.0 fully, as i don’t have a 7.5 ABAP system or the 7.5 UI addon to the NW 7.4.

Hello again.

So i promised i would create a blog to show how you can get the Fiori search into the BC.

So first of all one of the best things i have seen with Fiori is the Fiori factsheets. These are dependant on a HANA system, but provides the user a really good seamless interaction with SAP data.

We take “advantage” of a standard feature in the BC. Namely the search provider.

See these links for more info:

3.4.2 Configuring Search Providers – SAP NetWeaver Business Client – SAP Library

5.9 Menu – SAP NetWeaver Business Client – SAP Library

1. Find search URL

So to do this we must first load the fiori launchpad to find the search string needed.

So open up the search dialog on the launchpad and enter a search string.

Once you press enter, the fiori search will load and you can grab the URL from the navigation toolbar.

What you should be interested in is everything up to the “searchterm=”

Save this into a notepad for later use.

2. Add search provider to role

Now go to PFCG and create a role ( or use an existing if you want). Create a new folder and name it @SEARCH@ (See more on this in the links provided in the beginning of the blog.)

In this folder add a web url link.

Now paste in your search string from earlier and after searchterm= add {0}. Maybe change the hostname and port to a variable like we learned in this blog How to get Fiori launchpad as Business Client startup page. And name it a suitable name.

Then save your role and make sure it is added to your user.

Restart your BC to get the new features.

3. Adjust BC settings (Optional)

Now here we have a few options. Currently the search is actually already working. So if you search using the BC neavigation bar, you can go to search and choose your newly created search provider.

But you can also make this search provider work with just adding the search string and pressing enter. To do this there is a few settings that needs to be adjusted.

Firstly go to your search providers

And deselect the all content and move your search provider to the top.

Secondly go to settings –> Personlize

And make sure the start transaction without validation check is deselected.

Now when you search in the navigation bar, the default option is to use your search provider

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