After the transports there are higher chances of DSOs, Infocubes, InfoObjetcs & Transformations being inactive. Due to this there are very general issues which turn the process chain red at the inactive process type. This document helps in understanding the same & resolving the issue in a stepwise manner this

In this case, we take the very common classic scenario of transformations being inactive. If  there’s an inactive transformation detected during the run of scheduled process chain then you will encounter an error like below:-

Follow below steps to resolve the issue.

  1. If transformation is inactive. Right click on failed DTP. Go to Display Messages & Pick up the DTP as shown below.


  2. Go to RSA1 & check the transformation for inactive status as below.

  3. If you see that it is inactive, go to SE38. Enter Program Name- RSGD_TRFN_ACTIVATE.

  4. On the next screen, enter Source & Target along with Type of Source & Type of Target & Click on Activate button on top as below

5. Refresh & repair the process type in Process Chain. Inactive objects will be activated. Everything should run fine now.

Similarly, change program name(listed below) for DSO, CUBE etc. to activate them incase they are identified as inactive after transport.

RSDG_MPRO_ACTIVATE – Activating Multiproviders

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Author: Shubham Vyas

Company: Mindtree Ltd. (Bangalore/India)

Created on: 06 November 2015

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