• April 13th, 2017 – Added information how to maintain SAP System Alias entries in test systems



You want to maintain a system alias entry for a backend system in your productive SAP NetWeaver Gateway hub.


The client settings of your productive client do not allow changes of client-specific objects. As a result you find that table /IWFND/V_DFSYAL can not be maintained. Opening the productive client to allow changes is usually not an option.


Solution as of SP06:


As of SP06 of SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 the flag “Current Settings” for the IMG activity “Manage System Aliases” is active. If you start the table maintenance via the IMG activity in the productive system changes can be performed without the need to record the same in a customizing request which is not allowed due to the client settings.





Now, when starting table maintenance via the IMG (transcation SPRO –> SAP NetWeaver –> Gateway –> OData Channel –> Configuration –> Connection Settings –> Manage SAP System Alias) you will be able to maintain SAP system alias entries in your productive system.




Solution for SAP NetWeaver Gateway installations prior to SP06:


As a workaround (if the flag is not active) it would be possible to set this flag once and then you should be able to access the maintenance view
without being asked for a transport request as described in SAP Note 135028 – Transfer IMG activity to current setting


“… To do this, open the IMG and display the IMG structure. Position the cursor on the corresponding IMG activity and select the menu path “Edit
-> Display IMG activity”.
On the following screen, select the tab “Maint.objects”. A list of the assigned customizing objects is displayed. By double-clicking on the corresponding row, navigate to the customizing object and set the indicator “Current settings” directly.”



Make sure that in transaction SCC4 (client maintenance), for that setting to work, “Client Role” must be set to “Production”. It is not sufficient to have entered  “no changes allowed” for the client settings. Therefore, make sure that client settings are set as shown in the following screen shot.


How to perform these changes in test systems?

Please check SAP Note 356483 – Customizing: Current settings in the test system



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