In many cases, SAP customers implementing SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) need to think about the synchronization of customizing across at least two systems in order to keep consistent business processes that span multiple systems. This in particular is true if the SAP customer follows the SAP MDG Hub approach (MDG deployed on a different system than the operational ERP system). This is why SAP MDG experts have come up with a how-to paper that takes a closer look into the topic of customizing synchronization.

The intention of the Customizing Synchronization Between ERP and MDG document is to support SAP MDG implementation projects with general guidelines, templates and links to documentation that can be a basis for the synchronization process. This paper also includes an object list template that can be seen as sample list of objects that might need to be transported. In addition, it is accompanied by a presentation providing an overview of basic synchronization considerations.

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