This how to guide describes configuring SAP Web Dispatcher as a reverse proxy for the SAP Enterprise Portal so that you can easily publish the SAP Portal over the Internet.
Step: 1
Copy the following 2 files to a directory on the host where you want to configure the Web dispatcher:
• sapwebdisp.exe • icmadmin.SAR
from the following location of the Portal Server:
drive:usrsapSIDJCxxexe The Uncar the file icmadmin.SAR, using SAPCAR tool. Step: 2 In the Command prompt go to the directory where you have copied the above 2 files and enter,
sapwebdisp -bootstrap
This will generate the profile file (sapwebdisp.pfl) for the first time usage.

Step: 3
After the PFL file is generated successfully as shown above, the URL to call:

User: icmadm
Password: XXXXXXX
The user name and password is generated during the configuration of the Webdispatcher for the first time.

Step: 4
You can access your portal now via following URL:
Step: 5
If you need to run your Webdispatcher again then use the following command from command prompt.
sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl
Check the process running in the Task manager:

Step: 6
You can also install the webdispatcher to run as a NT service. You need to first download ntscmgr.exe from Service Market Place and then use the following command to install the web dispatcher.
Check for the ntscmgr.exe file in the folder driveusrsapSIDJCxxexe folder before trying to download from the Service Market Place.
ntscmgr install SAPWebdispatcher -b drive:usrsapSID JCxxexesapwebdisp.exe -p service pf=sapwebdisp.pfl
Step: 7
If the above command somehow didn’t work properly, to fix this you need to do the following:
1. Edit the registry entry by running the program regedit. 2. Do a search for “SAPWebdispatcher” and change the ImagePath to where your sapwebdisp.exe is currently residing.
drive:usrsapSIDJCxxexesapwebdisp.exe service pf=sapwebdisp.pfl

Step: 8
The URL redirect:
If you want to access the portal using the URL https:// HOST-FOR-WEBDISP:PORT and you are using SAP Webdispatcher, then you need to redirect the above URL to https:// HOST-FOR-WEBDISP:PORT/irj/index.html. This can be achieved by editing the sapwebdisp.pfl file and adding the following parameter,
# SAP Web Dispatcher Web Administration
icm/HTTP/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, TO=/irj/index.html
After doing this, restart the SAP Webdispatcher.

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