Hybris Integration Developer Workbench is an Eclipse based tool that enables developers/consultants to model and create Data Hub projects easily and quickly.
The users can connect to the SAP back end system to retrieve the IDoc structure and create Data Hub Raw, Canonical and Target models using the graphical user interface (GUI).

Installing Hybris Integration Developer Workbench

To install Hybris Integration Developer Workbench:

  1. Download STS ( Sprint Tool Set 3.7 and above or Eclipse Luna 4.4.2 or Above).
  2. Download Plugin (latest version) and extract the zip.
  3. Start Eclipse/STS ,go to Help->Install New Software ->Add->Local and select the location of the extracted zip.
  4. Restart Eclipse (STS).

Creating a Data Hub Project

To create a Data Hub project:

  1. Open the Hybris Integration Developer Workbench tool.
  2. Choose File ->New ->Other.
  3. From the Select a Wizard dialog box, select Hybris Integration ->DataHub Project.

4.  Click “…” and select the IDoc XML file.
5.  The structure of the IDoc is shown in the next segment.
6.  Model the Data Hub:

  • Create the raw item from the segment
  • Create the canonical item.
  •  Drag and drop the required attributes from the raw items to canonical items.
  • Create the target item.
  • Click Next.

7. Select the option for creating the models:

  1. If maven is configured in Eclipse for Data hub ,you can choose first option so that Maven based Data hub projects will created in the workspace.
  2. Choose second option to create data hub model files(xml) to a local location . By default ,it will store at c:TMP_GENERATOR. You can change the location by changing the settings in preferences.

8. Click Finish . This will generate raw, canonical and target files in the respective folders.

Known limitations

  • No delete option on the UI once you map the attributes – You have to remove the XML entries after generation
  • Renaming of nodes & attributes is not supported .


Short Demo on how to install & use the plugin.

New NetWeaver Information at SAP.com

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