Idea Place for SAP Business One has been migrated: Customer & Partner feedback is a crucial part in the success of SAP. Your opinions and ideas help us in understanding the needs and requirements to deliver quality software.

In this blog, I would like to conclude with the old idea place, not without emphasizing its success, in particular the positive impact of 60 ideas on release 9.3.

A.) Successful Migration to the new platform!

On September 18th 2017, SAP successfully migrated the former Idea Place for SAP Business One to a new intuitive channel referred to as the Continuous Influence Session.

You can watch this video for a short guidance:

The new platform and how it is embedded into other activities of the Customer Influence team brings us much closer to the vision of having a single central place for customers to influence SAP products and solutions.

Some important notes:

  • SAP Business One Idea Place has been migrated to . Please update your bookmarks.
  • The Customer Influence site is accessible to the same audience as the Idea Place, to customers and partners having a s-user. Users’ existing Idea Place user names and passwords are still valid.
  • For now, old links are still working and getting redirected to the new site (for example, idea is now available at
  • Ideas with status “Archived”, “Needs More Info”, or “For Future Consideration” have not been migrated.
  • All other ideas (more than 2,100 !), comments, and votes have been migrated and remain associated with the user accounts.
  • Some technical and UI improvements to the site will be added at a later stage.
  • Quite important, now ideas are called ‘Improvement Request’.

For experienced users, the new platform should be completely intuitive.

Find here an introduction to the Continuous Influence Session for SAP Business One.

That’s how our new Continuous Influence Session looks like:

B.) Status Distribution of Ideas

The following distribution has been achieved just before the migration. Our team has carried out some cleanup actions, but also version 9.3 has contributed to this significantly improved presentation and, most importantly, your perception.

Note: ‘Submitted’ and ‘Under Review’ were set to ‘Acknowledged’ just before migration, following the new concept on the Customer Influence site. Please excuse the flood of emails you might have received!

C.) Impact on Release 9.3

We are very proud that 60 ideas, representing more than 850 votes of customers and partners, were addressed with release 9.3 and now have status ‘Delivered’.

Thanks to you, our partners’ and customers’ input and continuous commitment on the idea place, in release 9.3 we have been able to implement more ideas than ever.

This very positive completion with release 9.3 is a real success story for the idea place and the concept of customer and partner driven innovation.

Thank you and best regards,

Peter Hartwich,
SAP Business One Product/Solution Management

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