Idea session sunset plan for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards: As a data visualization design tool, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsuis) has been one of the most innovative BI tools in last decades. It is the first and was foremost visualization and presentation tool. Thousands of businesses have benefited from its robust and award-winning visualization technology.

Since 2007, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (former Xcelsuis) used SAP Idea Place as the main channel to collect product enhancement ideas from customers. There are over one thousand registered users and four hundred ideas in Idea Place related to this product. Many ideas have also been accepted, developed and then adopted in later versions of the product. We really appreciate these tremendous contributions and constant trust from our customers, partners  and internal employees.

To align with company strategy and future plans, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards has already been set into maintenance status several years ago. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and SAP BusinessObjects Lumira are the replacements.  Now, to progress toward the goal of clear and simplified product line, we decided to close the SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Idea Place Session by October 13th.

We sincerely thank you all for the support and every idea in this product.  In addition, you can always reach out to SAP support and your sales representatives for any related questions and issues.

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