This simple blog offers some information to tackle the IE compatibility issue with Fiori Login screen.

If Compatibility Setting is turned on for your site in Internet Explorer, your login page may look like this that makes it impossible to login.


Possible Solution 1:

First, please go through these notes, and try to resolve your issue. If none of these are viable in your organization, then move onto solution 2.

  • 2384447 – Fiori Login Screen is not rendered correctly in Internet Explorer
  • 2387061 – Disable IE7 compatibility mode in Fiori login


Possible Solution 2 (Only to be used if Solution 1 does not apply):

If we look at the ‘System Logon Configuration’ of SICF service (/default_host/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell) for our Login page, it points to ABAP class: “/UI2/CL_SRA_LOGIN”

In method /UI2/CL_SRA_LOGIN =>INIT_DEFAULT_PROPERTIES it points to these HTML files:

‘/sap/public/bc/ui2/logon/template_login.html’ and



In se80, locate these 2 HTML files, and add the following meta-tag within the

tags to enforce the Login screen to run in IE EDGE mode, and ignore the compatibility setting.



(Right-click and download file. Edit in Notepad. Upload back)

Add the code:



Now your login screen should looks like this regardless of Compatibility setting in IE.



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