The goal of this guide is to provide a detailed step by step to import XSD´s schema with external references by using SAP PI tool “Import External Definitions…”

In my case I have worked with a customer who uses OASIS UBL 2.1 as standard to Exchange messages (

First, customer provides me the XSD nested structure in a zipped file.


All the schemas must be imported under the same namespace to keep the reference amongst them.

Select the menu Tools > Import External Definitions… (We use the massive import tool).

This initializes a wizard

Select the Software Component Version and the Namesapace.

Choose all the XSD files to import, in this step is important to select the option Import All References, so it will automatically reference the XSD’s.

Click ‘Continue’, the message ‘Generate proposals…’ appears.

Finally it show the list of files to import, in the column name ‘Source’ you can see those who has reference to other XSD file.

Sometimes it is necessary to modify a file name since PI doesn´t accept some characters.

At last click ‘Finish’.

E.g. UBLContractNotice main schema has reference to:




if some references are still missing, we will see fields in red on the message as shown in below example.

I hope you find useful this guide.

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