In Doubt to Buy Solar Panel for Home Price? Here’s Why This Can Be Your Best Investment


According to a research report, India installed 1700 megawatts of rooftop solar panels in 2021 and 719 megawatts in 2020, making the country one of the biggest solar energy consumers. 

The numbers speak for the popularity of solar panels. The fact that solar panels are getting the limelight is because of the number of benefits they offer. However, most people still refrain from buying solar panels because of a high solar panel for home price. 

Even though it’s understandable that budget is an important factor to weigh in, you must understand that it’s still an investment that is worth every penny. 

In this article, we’ll be giving you all the reasons why you should consider investing in solar panels, even though they come with a high solar panel for home price. 

Environmental Benefits of Installing Rooftop Solar Panels 

As most non-renewable sources of energy produce greenhouse gases that harm the environment, solar power combats them by becoming a clean and green source of energy. A solar panel channels pure energy from the sun and converts it into electricity that can power your entire house. Consequently, reducing electrical pollution and our dependency upon non-renewable energy. 

Monetary Benefits 

One of the major parts of our earnings goes into paying the electricity bill and installing solar panels can lower your bill drastically. Maximum regions in India receive a minimum of 5 hours of sunlight which is enough to produce a high amount of electricity if the solar placement is right. This starts from day one of installing the panels and for the long term, which means a higher return on investment when you opt for the panels. 

Apart from the electricity bill, the panels can also increase your property value in the market if you decide to sell your house. The increase in property value is also because the solar panels save the roof by shielding it from heat, debris and rain, extending the roof life, and making the property more worthy in the real estate market. 

Therefore, even though the solar panel for home price is high, the monetary benefits offered by the solar panels make the investment worthy.  

Benefits Offered by the Government 

The subsidy for solar installation is only for residential owners, including apartments, individual houses, and the grid-connected solar systems. Since solar panels are costly, the Government offers financial assistance to encourage people for rooftop solar installation of solar panels. 

Through the state DISCOM, the residential property owners can claim the subsidy and connect with the channel partners to avail of the assistance. There are also utility credits if you transfer the extra energy to the public utility grid. 

These subsidies offered by the government can help you save money and recover the high solar panel for home price you paid for the solar panels. 

Final Words

While there are more benefits, you should know that rooftop solar panels are a long-term investment even when they come with a high solar panel for home price. 

That said, it’s important to ensure that you should rely on a trustworthy brand when you are shopping for solar panels. Luminous is India’s most trusted provider of solar panels and offers various solar package deals that you should look out for. 

The brand offers different types of solar panels and expert assistance to help you understand which panels meet your power requirements. You can use the solar calculator to determine how much can you save on your electricity bill, how much power your solar panel will generate, the required area for installation, and more. 

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