Interface Monitoring – Business View (Fiori App) – Part 1: I am writing this blog to share one of my experience in recent project where We worked closely with business and design/developed custom Fiori based application for user friendly interface monitoring.

Background : All the business units have one common challenge in their existing landscape, Most of the transactions were happening in their legacy systems and these transactions were getting feed to legacy ERP system via interfaces however business were not able to get real time response or status of their interfaces on timely manner, In most of the cases there was few days delay to understand actual interface processing status.

In recent project we have built more than 150 interfaces using SAP PO to integrate more than 40 third party system with SAP S4H and SAP BW to replace legacy ERP solution . Most of the third party systems are feeding finance data and these party systems are different lines of business.

Every line of business was very keen to know real time status of their interfaces to understand their processing, most of these line of business are using legacy third party systems and not capable of handling synchronous or real time data interchange.

These line of business and also business technical team were interested to have a central user friendly mobile/desktop application which can provide them real time status of Interface processing status and also give them schedule for upcoming interfaces for certain dates.

Current Solution and challenges –  In our current design Solution Manager (7.2) is used to monitor each and every SAP systems, below is the high level interface monitoring design.

We have designed Interface monitoring in a such way that any failure happened at any point will be capture by Solution manager and alerts will be sent to respective team with appropriate error message. These monitoring of interfaces is very helpful for business technical team.

But in order to fulfill business requirement of having one central place to check interface schedule and interface processing we needed some other solution.

We also explored possibility of using SAP standard message monitoring tool in SAP PO to view the status of the total number of files processed in SAP PO and also see how many files failed or successfully moved to S4 HANA for further processing.And we could also have asked them login to S4 HANA system and go to T-Code WE02 or similar T-code and check the IDOC status for each files but due to below challenges we had to find out some other alternative.

Below are the task/challenges if we ask business and management to go with the above standard approach.

  • All the users should have access to SAP PO, S4H and Solution Manager to view the details.
  • All the users should be trained to view the file status in SAP PO and specially learn to link the file (SAP PO message ID) with the IDOCs that got posted in S4 HANA.
  • User should also use required correct filter to view the IDOCs only for their business systems or interface ID.
  • And doing all these manually each time to know the real time status every half an hour or every hour is not easy and not acceptable by the business user since it is time consuming and not user friendly since the user will have to login into multiple systems to get all the status about file/IDOC processing for each interfaces.

Once we gone through all the possible options and after discussing with business we agreed to have one custom Fiori based application as central monitoring tool to give business two functions 1) Status of Interface processing in real time  2) Advice interface schedule

Solution : We have designed SAP Fiori based tool to perform above mentioned two functionalities.

  1. Interface processing Staus – We have designed tool to fetch the list of files/messages that is currently processed in SAP PO for the given date and time range. Our tool further fetches corresponding list of IDOCs with IDOC status for these files from S4 HANA.

User interface is designed on Fiori to provide simple and easy-to-use access to business users and management to view real time end to end interfaces File/IDOC processing status.

User can login to Fiori and input the date and time range for which he would like to know the file/IDOC status for his interfaces. Our tool will read all the files/messages that is processed during this time from SAP PO and will also read all the IDOCs with its current status from SAP S4H.

User gets the below real time information on one page on Fiori.

  • Name of the Sender system
  • Name of the Receiver System
  • Interface ID
  • Number of Files in Processed/ Failed/ Cancelled status
  • Total number of IDOCs Created for each interfaces
  • Total number of IDOCs Passed for each interfaces
  • Total number of IDOCs failed for each interfaces
  • Total number of IDOCs stuck/in process for each interfaces

Point here to note is that whenever the user fetches the information from Fiori Application he will get the real time information fetched for him from SAP PO and SAP S4. This helps all to get the real time picture/status of project interfaces status on the go.

2. Interface Schedule: We have more than 150 interfaces and all the interfaces are scheduled to generate files at different time of the day. Business wanted to know which interfaces are scheduled to run at what time in SAP PO as per the Availability Time Planning (ATP).

We have designed User Interface in Fiori to display the scheduling details of interfaces on user request. User will able to view below details as output.

  • Sender system
  • Interface ID
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • End Date
  • End Time
  • Schedule type (Daily/ Monthly / Weekly)

Please note – We will discuss end to end solution design and all the technical solution in subsequent blogs.

Special thanks to Anup Bharati and Binod Mondal for working on this design and providing valuable inputs.

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