If any platform agent giving error :

JCS-116012: Warning: Transient communication failure: Connection refused

Please follow below steps to avoid issue.

1.First check enough work process available from SAP system or not.

2.Check your agent status from redwood end.Expand your platform agent and check the services  “Job chain service” and “Plat form agent service”.If platform agent service status showing  “Connecting”

3. Log in with redwood user on you plat from agent(OS level) and try to stop and start your agent once.

4.Still issue not resolved.Please give ./scheduler start then you get like “PID 4623 ? pts 0/1 already running for this agent.

5.Then you can try to kill that PID from that path with command kill -9 PID. If you are not able to kill that PID.

6.Go to that path and rename or delete that PID.

7.Then you can stop and start your scheduler from os level ./scheduler stop ./scheduler start

8.Its not PID and its a .PID

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