Key User Extensibility on SAP S/4HANA Cloud Adding Custom Business 

Target Audience – Key Users and Developers

To demonstrate Custom Logic let’s take the standard Fiori App to Create Customer Projects under Project Management. This is a simple demonstration; however, more complex logics can also be created provided such Enhancement Options are provided for a Business Context

22 10 2260524

Scenario – When we start creating a new customer project, the standard does not automatically generate a Project ID. To check this, go back to Blog 3 and you would notice, Project ID is manually provided

Click the tile to create a customer project and try to save without giving a Project ID

As a Key User, you can randomly choose an ID or implement a business Logic (Restricted ABAP on Cloud) to automatically generate an ID for you. Let’s see how we do this. We will again go back to the tile – Create Custom Fields and Logic

44 3 9476324
Key User Extensibility on SAP S/4HANA Cloud Adding Custom Business

Once in, go to the tab Custom Logic

You may see already some implementations in the list. Click on the  Plus 1 9203031icon to create a fresh Enhancement Implementation. Once you click that icon, following pop-up will appear

Business Context – means for which data set enhancement implementation will be applicable. When this enhancement implementation is implemented, it is integrated with the parent application at the specified and designated point

Enhancement Option – is just like any other enhancement implementation point where an app can be extended

Name – is any meaningful name given to the enhancement implementation that will appear in the list above

Next choose the Business Context, and already available Enhancement Option. Give a meaningful name and hit Create

88 3 2449219

100 3935828

Please note that the Identifier name here is generated automatically by the system, however, you can still change it

Once you hit create, system takes you to ABAP Web Editor where you can write the enhancement code. As you see in the below screen shot, the system gives you a draft code pre-generated code which you can publish or make any other changes to it. Once you do the changes, you can Test it online and then Publish it

Let’s see how we do it. If you click on the Example, you will see a split screen editor with the example code, which is same as Draft version. Since we do not want to add any additional code, we will just test it and publish the same

102 1408178

If you notice, to a Key User this example code is already Published. Which means that it is already active, however, BADI implementation is not active. So, once you click on the Publish button, enhancement will be activated and automatic number generation for the project ID will start.

See the below screen shot (side by side comparison) of the same BADI in the backend and how it looks in the ABAP Web Editor

The ABAP Web Editor also has Test feature which you can use to test if the logic is working fine

The same is located at the bottom if the editor

104 1317716

Once you click on Test you would see some value being returned in the parameter ‘engagementProject’. This shows that the logic is working fine and can be Published

The ABAP Web Editor also has a syntax check feature and will highlight it with red mark. Some examples see below –

1111 4106505

It is also important to note that, the capability of the ABAP Web Editor is restricted ABAP and no d/base update, delete statements etc. is allowed

Key User Extensibility on SAP S/4HANA Cloud Adding Custom Business

For more details about Restricted ABAP, see below link – 

S/4HANA Extensibility Concept Details: Restricted ABAP

2017 05 22 15 08 58 5341463

Image Source: SAP TechEd

Key User Extensibility on SAP S/4HANA Cloud Adding Custom Business

Now let’s go ahead and Save Draft and then click on the Publish button to activate the enhancement

6666 9642836

Now click on Publish

Click Ok

Now let’s go back and try to create a new customer project. You will notice that Project ID is now automatically generated

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1398217

Visit SAP teched Online for more interesting videos:

Some more helpful links

Congratulations you have just finished Key User Extensibility – Adding Custom Business Logic to the standard S/4HANA Cloud UI app using Keu User tools!

Rohit Khan, S/4HANA Regional Implementation Group

For any clarification or support, feel free to reach [email protected]

Thank you for reading through these blogs!

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