Learning from SLT to Oracle Implementation: SLT as we know is one of demanding middleware technlogies today which can be very useful, though normally roadmap for SLT is HANA but in our case it was decided to use Oracle as target system and SAP ECC as the source. From SLT SP009 – it started supporting Oracle as target as well. Here is quick overview on few learnings –

Data Flow :

SAP ECC ->SLT- >Oracle DB

For SLT SP009 – SAP gave few correction Notes which are sugggested to implement before working as it will fix lot of issues.

2175207, 2181180, 2189884, 2200105, 2204961, 2210900,2212421,2217198,2221240,2222454,2226947,2230969

1) Sizing of Oracle DB Target -Memory size of Oracle DB need to be estimated correctly else often the issue occured where oracle system memory was full becaue of volume of data flowing from SAP ECC.Hence we needed to increase the memory size of Oracle to fix this issue and hence in longer term need to estimate size growth and accrodingly take actions.

2) Stats for Initial Load in SLT–  For number of tables it was observed that initial loading stats information in LTRC T code was misisng and this was fixed when SAP suggested to apply SAP Notes but the same issue appeared again when we were loading other tables then SAP said this will be taken up in further release as this was major change. The Notes listed above should help though we have to wait for SAP next release for final fix.

3) Timestamp field Oracle requirement– There was requirement to add Timestamp field to tables in SLT, and send across data to Oracle in Oracle Time stamp format.This was acheived by passing hard coded value from SLT(LTRS  Mapping values tab setting) in Oracle time format ,though the timestamp generation in SLT was possible but while updating to Oracle the data type changed to VarChar2 which was not required as the requirement was to have TIMESTAMP data type of Oracle due to performance issue.

Hence this was only possisble in Oracle system by writing trigger script which will overwrite hard code Timestamp coming from SLT with Oracle System Timestamp for any data records updated to tables.

4)Language Text Issue– Certain Russian language characters were reported as question mark ? in Oracle as system could not recognize and hence to fix this Oracle was upgraded to have multi Lingual capability. Post that this was rectified.

Hope above helps & I will add few more to this list as we face any other issues.



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