Link Document Management System (DMS) with Plant Maintenance (PM): Hi, writing this blog for the users who want to make use DMS in plant maintenance to attach documents to their technical objects (equipment / functional location), notification and maintenance orders.

I have taken the example of linking DMS with Notification, you can apply the same for the rest.


1. Maintain DMS link field (092) in the notification
2. Define document type in DMS (recommended to have separate doc type for PM)
3. Define object link for notification (235) in document type created

Detailed Explanation:

1) Maintain DMS link field (092) in the notification

Goto – SPRO- IMG – PM&CS – Maint&Serv Processing – Maint & Serv Notifications – Overview of Notfication Types (ref screenshot below)

1 4 6975240

Select the type of notification and click on “Screen Structure for extended view”

You can add the DMS field in any of the existing tabs or you can add new tab for DMS; to add new tab please click on new entries –

3 4 1963716

5 3 5779440

7 4 5012251

9 4 5211558

and click on save, after this you should see a new tab in your notification screen.

2) Maintain document type in DMS.

It is recommended to have separate document type for PM documents.

22 1 8512380

24 1346724

Click on save.

1) Define object link for notification in the document type

In the document type of DMS, we can define for what object we can make use of this doc type i.e. for notifications, equipment, etc.

31 444064834 3526405

After entering above details, click on save.

After the above steps you should be able to attach documents in your notification or link any existing document to the notification.

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