List of CSS for SAP Design studio: This document lists the useful CSS discussions,documents and posts. Feel free to send me if you create one or find one. I will add them to this list. Any Latest additions will be highlighted  



How to fInd and change CSS:

  • How to Find and Change the CSS Class – Design Studio

Adding Multiple CSS files:

  • Attach Multiple Custom CSS Files


  • Showing/Hiding Crosstab Columns with Measures with CSS and Scripting
  • Underline in crosstab
  • Colors in crosstab
  • Vertical Alignment of data cells in a crosstab with CSS
  • Remove crosstab borders with CSS
  • Crosstab zebra lines
  • To change the font of crosstab data
  • Default Selection in a Crosstab in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • Wrap text in crosstab
  • Customize your layout in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • Formatting a crosstab with CSS


  • Make grid layout look like grid
  • round corners to grid layout

Dropdown & listbox:

  • Customizing the dropdowns with CSS
  • Listbox Background Color



  • Alternate Row Color,Scroll Bar And Thumb Css In DS1.6




  • To tweak navigation buttons in navigation panel component


Dimension Filter:


  • Hide tabstrip in dimensionfilter


Radio Button:


  • Radio button change to horizontal




  • Customize your Spreadsheet using CSS



  • Two button classes
  • Button css


Chart customization:

  • Change Chart title and Axis label dynamically using script or CSS
  • Customizing the ChartTypePicker
  • Changing colors of  dual axis chart
  • Dot in line – CSS
  • Change tooltip icon color in chart
  • Changing axis color of line chart
  • Increse the width of the column in column chart
  • Change Color of Columns in a chart
  • Design Studio 1.5 – Bar Chart using gradient colors in a series axis
  • unable to make waterfall chart coloring
  • How to Increase the width of the dot in Line chart by CSS
  • Infochart Combination chart css-how to hide data lables for line only
  • Hiding Dimension Columns CSS not working


  • Customize Tabstrip with CSS in SAP BO Design Studio
  • [CSS] Change background color of a tab


  • Changing the Background color in text box using Custom CSS


  • Customize Checkbox with CSS

Print CSS:

  • Printing in Design Studio

Responsive CSS:

  • Responsive component CSS in DS
  • Creating Responsive design in DS
  • Fomatting in design studio 1.6( Not aligning properly)

Animation and transition:

  • CSS3 codes in Design Studio
  • Animating Design Studio Components using CSS

Tips and tricks:

  • Sliding Panel Transition in SAP Design Studio
  • Using CSS in SAP Design Studio Dashboards
  • Tweaking Navigation Mode in a Filter Panel
  • Design Studio CSS Investigations Vol 1
  • Using Image URIs in SAP Design Studio
  • Icons with minimal CSS and no uploading font files
  • Improve Performance through sprite images

Crazy & Cool CSS :

  • Crazy CSS Fun with SAP Design Studio
  • Crazy CSS Fun with SAP Design Studio – Part 2
  • Halloween in Design Studi

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