Problem Statement Overview:

After migration or post implementation of S4HANA by default LO extractors are not enabled as in ECC system. LO business contents can be installed through RSA5 and activate through RSA6 but filling of the setup table for the extractors are not possible because T-codes like LBWE won’t contain any data source, setup table filling T-codes are not able to fill the data will get error message as shown in step 1. Though the extractor is active, base tables have data but data is not extracted in RSA3/BW which is the behavior of LO extractors in S4HANA.

SAP is mentioning existing LO extractors can be used and extraction can happen through typical approach or use ODP based approach for extraction whereas both approaches are not able to extract data in S4 HANA.

BW Version        : BW 7.5/BW4 HANA

S/4 HANA            : FPS01 and FPS02.


Solution related questions:

Can’t we use the LO extractors till SAP provides CDS views for all the functional areas?

No, typical approach of LO extractor implementation with additional configuration will enable the LO extractors usage in S4 HANA.

What kind of configuration details are required to maintain?

While implementing LO extractors in ECC setup table and extract structure details are getting updated in the backend tables which is not happening in S4 HANA. Hence it is required to configure the data source names in the backend tables as configuration which will enable the LO extractors for extraction.

How this configuration helps for extraction?

When the setup table run is happening standard programs will check the data source mapping in the table, if the entry is available then setup table data fill will happen. Currently in S4HANA by default this configuration is not happening in the backend which is preventing the setup table fill.

How to fill the setup table?

Once the data source mapping is configured in the base table go to the typical T-codes like OLI7BW… now you are able to trigger job to fill the setup table.

Can we get delta records post initialization?

Again for delta also we need to do certain configuration mapping in the back-end base table, post that we can able to get the delta records.

Why we need to perform these configuration manually?

So far these configurations will happen by default in the background by SAP but in S4HANA it is not happening may be this could be an issue which SAP is working or while releasing the extractors based on CDS views this may be fixed. However as of now to continue/implement the LO extractors post S4 HANA migration this configuration mapping is required w.r.t. my understanding and analysis.

When BW version is 7.3 where ODP based extraction is not possible what is the behavior of LO extractors?

SAP enabled both ODP and typical API’s in the extractor hence extractors can work in BW7.3 version as well.

Image16 1 5545203


Please follow the below steps to configure the LO extractor in the back-end table.

Step 1:

Deploy the required data source through RSA5 and activate in RSA6.

Setup table and extract structure is active in the system.

Image2 1 3648836

Will get the below error message while using the T-code OLI7BW

Image4 2 5048110

Step 2:

Check in the below table whether data source entry is available.

Step 3:

Check in the below table whether the corresponding application component has entry.

Step 4:

Maintain the entries w.r.t. the required data source in the below table through T-code SE16N.

Image7 1 6196920

Step 5:

Maintain the entries w.r.t. required application component in the below table through SE16N.

Step 6:

Now the trigger the job to fill the setup table through T-code OLI7BW. Once the job is completed now extract the data through RSA3.

Image9 1 8119990

Step 7:

Establish the source system connection between the BW system and S/4 HANA. Basis team will create this connection establishment.

Step 8:

Right click and replicate the required application component or use T-code RSDS to replicate the data source in BW system.

Step 9:

Create info-package and perform the initialization.

Image12 9973003

First request (166 records) is init with data transfer and request (12 records) is delta extraction.

Step 10:

Change the sales document through T-code VA02, here item 20 order quantity is changed from 10 to 20.

Run V3 job through LBWE to push the delta records to ODQMON.

Image14 4353472

Step 11:

Run the delta in BW, delta is extracted to BW.

Info-package is not necessary while using ODP but for illustration purpose info-package is used here.


  1. When client is migrating from existing ECC/suite on HANA to S4 HANA make sure for all the existing LO active data sources configuration mappings are done as mentioned in this blog in the new S4 HANA source system.
  2. Run multiple test runs for delta extraction to ensure the extraction accuracy.
  3. Decide which mode of extraction (ODP/typical) approach you are going to implement. SAP is recommending to use ODP mode for extraction to be in-line with SAP roadmap.
  4. Don’t maintain both the mode of extractions for same extractors.

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