Loving Questions and Issues: Most probably; key to success in consultancy is to love questions and issues.

Imagine a world or an enterprise that has no issues or questions, then nobody so called “consultant”, “expert” or “specialist” will be happy.


So as SAP ecosystem members, each of us need to face every piece of questions and issues and try to transform these into success stories.


SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott and co-founder hasso plattner have faced most known challenges: complexity and heavy user interface of SAP solutions.


Thanks to their courage now we have S/4 HANA on the stage.


We need to love customers’ issues and complaints in-order-to get to chance to create new opportunities. Those are the doors that will open to success, so please do not remain blind to facts, do not run away from them, go and open these doors.


Loving Questions and Issues

Take the questions about the mobile transformation strategy of your customers and turn them into beautiful FIORI applications.


Great video about the history of design thinking in SAP https://experience.sap.com/basics/history-of-design-thinking-at-sap/


Design Thinking with SAP is a unique approach to problem finding and problem solving with a focus on human meaning and empathy.







New NetWeaver Information at SAP.com

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