After Making the Web IDE work on my local HANA platform on Revision 121 and SAP to Unveil SAP HANA 2, I wanted to make it work on this newest release again.

To start with, I download the installation files:

And install a small HANA 2 system on a virtual machine similar to the one that runs the HANA, express edition:

I choose to install all components including HANA AFL, HANA Database Client, HANA Smart Data Access, HANA Studio and most importantly HANA XS Advanced Runtime:

Importantly, I chose a multiple database container installation, to keep the footprint as small as possible:

Next, I provide passwords for important users, chose my Customer Space and most importantly chose that Application URLs are based on ports:

Finally, I chose to install all All XS Advanced Components:

And kick-off the installation:

This can take a while but eventually finishes successfully:

Next, I log into HANA Studio, connect to my system and create a XS Advanced development user:

Then I determine the URL of the XS Advanced Administration tool:

And connect to create first a WEBIDE_ADMINISTRATOR:

And second a WEBIDE_DEVELOPER Role Collection:

The WEBIDE_ADMINSTRATOR Role Collection gets assigned to the XSA_ADMIN user:

For development, I create a New User Based on my existing XSA_DEV User:

This gets assigned the WEBIDE_DEVELOPER as well as the XS_CONTROLLER_USER Role Collections (details can be found in the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA – Installation and Upgrade Guide):

With this I make my XSA_ADMIN user the Manager of my Organization:

And both my XSA_ADMIN as well as my XSA_DEV user Developers in the PROD Space, as well as my XSA_ADMIN the respective Manager:

From the Application Monitor:

I launch the Space Enablement to enable my PROD space for development by deploying builders:

To start XSA development, I determine the URL of my Web IDE:

With this I log into my local Web IDE and start Developing with XS Advanced: A TinyWorld Tutorial by Chaim Bendelac, which deploys successfully:

Finally, I check my PROD Space in the XS Advanced Administration Organization and Space Management and see the di-builder Application deployed:

As well as my tinyworld-hdi-container:

New NetWeaver Information at

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