Manage your test case with @SuiteClasses: Suppose I have four test cases in my project, the total methods to be tested: 7

Based on the blog Run only given sets of your unit test via @Category, it is possible to organize test methods within THE SAME CLASS to different categories via @Category, that is, the granularity to control which test methods should be executed is method level.

There is another annotation @SuiteClasses which can allows us to categorize test classes into different test suites, and once we specify a given test suite to be executed, all test classes within that suite would be executed one by one.
For example, I create a suite TestSuite1and2 and only put first and second test case into it, so when this test suite is executed, only three test methods ( 1 from first test case and 2 from second test case ) are executed:

And the same logic for TestSuite2and3:

If you need to integrate test suite execution into Maven, add the following parts in pom.xml:

 org.apache.maven.plugins maven-surefire-plugin   ${runSuite}   

Then use the following command line:

You will get exactly the same result as in Eclipse:

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