Manage Your Transportation Resources More Intelligent: In globalized world, many shippers and carriers with large investment in transportation equipment are facing challenge on managing huge mount of transportation resources such as vehicle, containers, rail etc. Many problems in transportation logistics involve managing a set of resources to satisfy the service requests that arrive randomly over time. For example, truckload carriers decide which load requests they should accept and to which locations they should reposition the empty vehicles. Railroad companies deploy the empty railcars to different stations in the network to serve the random customer demand in the most effective manner. Irrespective of the application setting, transportation resource management problems pose significant challenges.Executives often asks question like:

  • Is a resource available and is it always possible to determine an available to promise date?
  • Which supply and demand for empty resources do I have and can I allocate best the appropriate resource?
  • How can I reliably forecast the supply and demand of resources?
  • How to avoid repositionings of empties and increase the utilization of my resources by reducing my costs per resource?
  • How can I maintain and increase my service level?

SAP Transportation Resource Planning is a solution for planning, managing, and optimizing the use of your transportation resources. As an application that integrates with a central logistics system such as SAP Transportation Management, SAP Transportation Resource Planning gives you access to highly detailed data and statistics about your resources. This helps you ensure that the right resource is available at the right time and in the right place.
Process Flow of transportation planning
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Key Features

  • Visibility of transportation resources
  • Supply&demand of empty transportation resources incl. forecasts
  • Resource planning to avoid and optimize repositioning, Provide Triangulation Decision Support
  • Resource balancing
  • Trigger plan execution in the transportation management system
  • Resource related KPI monitoring

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Business Value

  • Improvement of utilization of transportation resources
  • Reduction of empty movement costs
  • Reduction of both resources and cost
  • Leverage service reliability due to advanced determination of availability
  • Improvement of transparency on operations
  • Feed the feeder – update business objects based on current plan/ forecast

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