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So over the summer, ESH developers have released many corrections for different topics:

Indexing process :
2511477 – Program termination in class CL_ESH_IF_GENERIC_DB_ITERATOR
2517736 – Follow-on correction for SAP Note 2511477

2510000 – Task lists SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY and SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_CLIENT_COPY: Join index missing from client
2395332 – Task list SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY: Unknown attribute LONGTEXT
2515854 – Task list: Activation of ‘/sap/opu/odata/sap/esh_search_srv’ unsuccessful: Node does not exist

ESH calls for searching and Indexing-relevant ESH search connectors on SAP HANA :
2520757 – Attribute search with date or time stamp condition: Error 0 “Attribute value is not a number”
2514911 – Deletion of ESH search connector: Error “Could not retrieve index metadata”
2511554 – Error message during indexing: “Cannot insert NULL or update to NULL: MANDT”
2495013 – Change pointers for real-time indexing: No processing due to missing software component

– New corrections related to Recipe Management application :
2508520 – Enterprise Search: The internal package size for the re-indexing is not adjustable
2481084 – Enterprise Search: Search does not find specifications with change states
2502818 – Enterprise Search: Error when re-indexing BUS1077_ESTVA and SPEC_IDENTHITLIST

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