This document consists of configuring the material master. However , an understanding of how to make changes to material master.


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I try to explain configuration the material master settings for different users or everyone. When you run MM01 tcode , you will see datas for several departments like a purchasing , accounting , mrp , wm , qm … If you want to prevent some views , you can configure material master dialog.


Logical screen and subscreen :


Bellowed print – screen have a Subscreen-General Data with screen number 2001 . Also , all of the datas of subscreens built a Logical screenBasic data 1.


When designing your own logical screens, you can use either your own subscreens or standard sap subscreens.


Refer to Additional Fields on the Material Master … Thanks to Miroslav Oprsteny

Refer to Enhancing Material Master for adding new fields.. Thanks to Shahanaz Hussain

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Refer to


Use your own screens if you want to have different field groupings , Tools–>Abap workbench–>development–>user interface–>screen painter.


An example for configuring material master :


I want to use the subscreen with Environmentally relevant and DG Indicator Profile fields in Purchasing view in the case of a special material type and only by certain users.


* In the technical information dialog box , screen number 2010 for the program SAPLMGD1 , Note : Users have to use their own programs to insert fields from their tables and their sunscreens for material masters.



* Create a new screen sequence , copy 21 to Z0  , configuration steps :


–> ZO screen sequence created

–> Check data screens


On columns , you can maintain screens :


Screen types :


1 : Main screen such as Basic data , Purchasing , Sales

2 : Secondary screen such as Additional data


Screen container :


Screens for program SAPLMGMM like a 4004 Main screens with 10 subscreens.


Maintenance status :


Special user departments can maintain a MM record of a particular material type.


User department Maintenance status
Work scheduling A
Accounting B
Classification C
Purchasing E
Production resources/tools F
Costing G
Basic data K
Storage L
Forecasting P
Quality management Q
Warehouse management S
Sales V
Plant stocks X
Storage location stocks Z


GUI Status :


GUI status are defined in Menu–>Painter which consists of a menu bar with menus, a standard toolbar, an application toolbar and functions with function key settings.


Title type for selection group:


Type 2: three/four-part title type, for main screens


When transaction title maintain , it is made up  description, screen name, industry sector and material type.


Retail maintain status :


User department Maintenance status
Basic data 0
Listing 1
Classification 2
Purchasing 3
Sales 4
Logistics: distribution center 5
Logistics: store 6
Allocation table 8



* Change data screen for purchasing related fields in the subscreen 2010.


–> General information : Double click subscreens


* Also ,you can view subscreen and data screen


–> Configurations for adding subscreen to purchasing view , sequence 14 purchasing



–> Replace subscreen 5 with the environment relevant fields



–> Specify for your requirements like a transaction , user , material type , industry sector



–> For example – Specify for material type screen reference : Sarf



–> Go to OMS2 and maintain screen reference of material type



–> You can see Environment related subscreen in Purchasing view of  Sarf material type

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