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Microsoft HoloLens on SAP’s d-shop: One of SAP’s d-shop main goals is to gather, learn and share knowledge on the latest technologies and Microsoft HoloLens haven’t been out of our radar ????

But…what is HoloLens?

HoloLens is a Mixed reality device…which is basically a mix of Virtual (Oculus Rift) and Augmented (Google Glass) Reality.

One of the most important features on Mixed Reality is that it allows you to create Holograms that can be blended into the real world and interact with them.

HoloLens will map your room and recognize that you have a coffee table, a sofa, a lamp, and so on…when you place your Holograms on a table or sofa, the Hologram will not go through it, but instead sit on it…and this allows to do amazing things like creating a Hologram of a lamp to be placed next the sofa and see how it looks. And that’s just one of the many uses cases that HoloLens can provide.

At the d-shop Silicon Valley, we believe that using and coding the HoloLens is an awesome experience.

So…what you do need to start coding and creating amazing experiences?

In this page you will find all the tools that you need, which includes Visual Studio, a tailor made version of Unity3D and the HoloLens emulator.

Also, it would be really good for you to take a look at the Holographic Academy videos…which guide you through the basics notions of HoloLens coding…

But…with this blog what we really want to show you a video with some of the demos/projects that we have created at the d-shop Silicon Valley.

Word Clock With this app, you can literally read the time ???? This demonstrates text usage in Unity and adapted from a Python application.

d-shop Robot This app uses a d-shop robot model built using Blender. This demonstrate Spatial Mapping and simple voice commands.

SAP Puzzle Game This app displays a sliding puzzle game that has two modes…easy and hard…it demonstrates how to clip an image and distributed into multiple cubes, it also demonstrates basic voice commands and physics.

HoloHouse This app is a project that we built for a bank in Dubai to be used as a real state application. The models were build using 3ds Max by an external company. This app demonstrates how to use Unity scripting to rotate the houses, fade the lights, lift the roof and floors of the houses and display annotations.

Now that you have seen what can be done in a couple of weeks…why don’t you join us at the d-shop and show us what you can do! ????

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