MiddleTierConnection with the Local Server

License Notes

MiddleTierConnection with the Local Server: In general, this property was added to allow an Advantage middleware type of application to increment the Advantage Database Server user count for each remote client workstation indirectly accessing the Advantage Database Server. This provides an easy way for Advantage middleware applications to abide by the Advantage Database Server license agreement as related to remote client workstations taking up a “user” towards the maximum number of licensed users. The two sections of the Advantage client license agreements that discuss licensing issues are as follows. Note that it is illegal to use a middleware type of application with the Advantage Local Server.


Advantage Database Server Connections. If this SOFTWARE PRODUCT is used in conjunction with an Advantage Database Server (a.k.a. a remote server), any computer connecting to the Advantage Database Server through this SOFTWARE PRODUCT will be considered a “User” and must consume a User towards the maximum number of licensed users.


Advantage Local Server Connections. If an application using this SOFTWARE PRODUCT is distributed to work without the Advantage Database Server (i.e., it uses the Advantage Local Server to access data), the application must act as a “client” that directly accesses and uses the data. The application cannot act as “middleware” or as a “server” by having the data forwarded by any means to a separate computer. In other words, it is illegal to use the Advantage Local Server with a Web server, an application server, a terminal server, or any other type of middleware or server product to access data on behalf of remote computers. An Advantage Database Server (a.k.a. remote server) product must be purchased and used to allow this SOFTWARE PRODUCT to access data on behalf of applications running on remote computers.

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