A use case for Legacy System->XI->R/3 System. The purpose of this interface to update some custom tables in R/3 system based on data provided in Legacy system in flat file format. Flat file from Legacy system is sent to XI via File Adapter and Mapping is executed according to the business rules and sent to R/3 system via ABAP proxy which in turn updates the custom table. Here design and configuration part is been ignored.
The idea behind this blog is to monitor the processed XML messages for receiver ABAP proxy. Inspite of chequered flag in XI, proxy need not be triggered and with respect to this case we cannot see any log in the SXMB_MONI of XI Server, therefore it is very difficult to check the status of the Interface based on the processed XML messages in the XI server.
Let me explain a scenario where my status in XI Monitor is a chequered flag but when I check my custom table the data is still not updated. Now this gets me mind boggling and get to debug my ABAP code which has update query to update DB table in R/3. After all this analysis, I got to know that the ABAP proxy is not triggered from XI.
Following screen shows SXMB_MONI of XI server

1 42572 2394559

After double clicking the above message following screen appears. If we observe the screen below, we are not able to see the payload for Receiver Interface.

Follow up the below steps which helped me to analyse the Proxy communication.
Step 1:
Log on to SAP Application system(R/3)
Step 2: Go to Transaction code SXMB_MONI. Then following screen appears.

3 42574 7522192

Click on Monitor for Processed XML Messages link. (As highlighted in the screen) we can see following screen.

Enter selection parameters and execute the same. We can see following screen of Monitoring for Processed XML Messages like Monitor in XI server. Now we can continue with our analysis.
According to my pre assumptions the below pic tells the error in proxy monitor(SXMB_MONI of Application Server). The screen shot is shown below.

4 33 42576 1139462

Above two pictures shows two different instances when proxy is not triggered.
Now we got to know an error has been occurred in the proxy side. Errors can be 1)Mapping error 2)Receiver Agreement not found 3)connection problem and can be any…Fix the error and process it again, if successful chequered flag is displayed as shown below.

6 42578 9878664

After double clicking on messages you can see following screen which shows payload, SOAP header, trace details etc.

So this blog explains how to monitor the messages, while handling File to ABAP Proxy scenarios.

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