My Experience @SAPTechEd Barcelona: Being at SAP TechEd is always an amazing experience meeting your peers, community friends, get to know what’s going to be new addition/update in SAP Products & Solutions portfolio , gets hand dirty on latest & greatest on technologies.

I was decided to sent to TechEd (Barcelona) just couple of weeks before it was actually kicking off.

It was great to meet couple of community and SAP Mentors friends an evening before Preconference (Day 0).

(front row : Svea Becker , me, Jan Penninkhof , Jason Cao @roel.vandenberge

back row: Rafael Guimbala  , Simha R. Magal  Kimmo Jokinen   )

I started Day 0 with a Preconference on Apple SAP Partnership topic.

Thorsten Stephan kicked off this and talked initially about this partnership , what are main deliverables like Process, SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, SAP Academy for iOS, Enterprise apps.

Later,  Kevin Muessig and Markus Kieselmann took stage , talked about

  • SAP Fiori for iOS Design Language,
  • addressed end to end development lifecycle Discover, Design, Develop & Deploy
  • SAP Fiori Mentor App (iPad)
  • Why customers like native iOS apps
    • Easy to use
    • Great for Simplifying Complex Use Cases
    • Consistent with other Native iOS apps
    • Best App Performance
    • Fully leverage Device features
    • Greater app security
    • Large,committed Developer Community
    • Easier to develop and maintain
    • Distribution via app store
  • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
    • Key building blocks : SAP Fiori UI Kit, OData Components, Foundation, FioriFlows
    • Assistant : Rapidly generates scaffolding for enterprise apps
    • Use SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services to leverage its core features like Offline, Push notifications, engagement analytics and auditing, supportability, Security, Integrating SAP & 3rd Party data into your app

after a short while, Shopping Card App overview was explained and followed by its exercises. In case, you missed this event, you can check and try your self from this openSAP course.

In Afternoon, i attended another talk on another topic,

Digital Experience Strategic Perspective kicked off by Dan Lahl VP of Product Marketing , SAP  , talked about what digital experience meant for you, what are the expectations and opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

This Day was not ending soon, a much awaited 10 years SAP Mentors Program celebration was right after that. I along with Christian Lechner  Andreas Gautsch  joined our very good friend and Mentor David Ruiz Badia  and headed to Fàbrica Moritz very nice location in town of Barcelona.

For next 3 days, I was given responsibility to be at show floor talking about SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, showing it’s various features and how to get started with it.

It was pleasure and honor to hear from Bjoern Goerke in his bravura keynote on SAP Mentors

SAP Mentors are a huge part of what makes SAP and our customers successful. We really appreciate expertise they bring to table to help us to make our technologies more successful ,more useful to our customers. They know SAP strategy so well, so much inside out that they keep us honest with ourselves. ”

these 3 days just went with lots of interactions , engagement with community folks on various topics via one to one chat, showing demos, explaining on SDK for iOS and how to leverage SAP Cloud Platform services like Mobile Services, API Management, API Business Hub, Translation, Integration and so on.

I could able to find some time spending at SAP Community booth talking to old time friends Moshe Naveh Gali Kling Schneider Oliver Kohl and did a click with Community GOAT

(from left Martin Grasshoff Paramita Biswas Prakalp Phadnis Michael Van Cutsem and me)

Overall, it was a great experience , meeting old friends , making new connections, learning new stuffs.

In case you haven’t checked, you can find TechEd Replays and, this huge collection of awesome photos.

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