My Mastering BusinessObjects 2012 Agenda: If you didn’t know, I’ve been accepted to speak at Mastering SAP BusinessObjects in Melbourne next month. This will be my second go ’round at this particular conference so I thought it would help if I shared the agenda I’ve built for myself relying on that experience. Feel free to lift portions of this agenda if it meets your needs, or simply follow around this guy (hopefully you won’t be seeing double at the event).

Sunday, August 5th

After leaving my home something like 2 weeks earlier I’ll arrive in Melbourne and immediately commit to being jet-lagged throughout the course of the Aussie Rules Football game we’ll be taking in. Because this looks civilized.

My Mastering BusinessObjects 2012 Agenda

Time Title Speaker Thoughts
8:30 Art of the Possible Kurt Bilafer I’m counting on a heavy dose of HANA talk, so I’ll be bringing along my bag of kittens.
9:35 Putting it All Together – Integrating BPC in an SAP Environment Brian Mazdra & Chris Greer I’m actually going to hit these guys up to present the same info at our local user group!
11:15 Going Live With HANA: It’s More Than Just a Database Dimitri Zarganakis Normally, I’d attend Eric Vallo‘s session, but I didn’t come half-way around the world to see someone who lives 30 minutes from me.
12:10 Throwing Your Arms Around the Organisation: BI Engagement at Arch Coal Jamie Oswald Believe me, not the presentation I want to be at, but the schedule says what the schedule says.
14:00 How to Use SAP BusinessObjects BI 4, EIM 4 Data Services and Sybase IQ Josh Fletcher First met Josh on my last Trip Down Under. I mostly want to know if he’s still bald.
14:55 Spend a little time working out Hotel Gym Honestly, I’m probably taking a nap. But we can all dream.
16:15 Connect, Communicate, Collaborate – Creating a Business Intelligence Culture at Disney Diana Cabezas Starting a rumor here that Diana will be presenting dressed as Brave.
5:20 Bounce Forward Sam Cawthorn The Eventful team always get knock out special speakers, no reason to expect this one to be any different.

Dinner, drinks, and miscellaneous revelry to ensue.

Tuesday, August 7th

Time Title Speaker Thoughts
7:30 Start From Scratch and Make it Sexy! Paul Sullivan & Sanjiv Bansal Nothing says sexy like a “breakfast session.”
8:30 Organisational Transformation and Business Intelligence: Lessons From the Contrast Between Theory and Practice Peter O’Donnell This reminded me to go and switch all of the “z”s in my presentations to “s”s.
9:35 How Do I Get My SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards on iPad? Mico Yuk Mostly because I’ve never been in a room with that many accents before.
11:15 Upgrading to BI 4 Whilst Keeping Business Fluid Corey Adams This hits too close to home to miss, but if I were going to miss it, it’d be for Ryan Goodman‘s session.
12:10 How Arch Coal is Using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer to Solve Self-Service BI Jamie Oswald If I get done early I may hit the hotel spa for a little waxing. Spending some time in Noosa next week.
14:00 Changing the Game in Mobile BI – An Industry Showcase of Roambi Applications Mustafa Bensan Love seeing the beautiful things people can do in Roambi.
14:55 Migrating From Deski to Webi: The Human Factor Nick Brunsgard Hopefully this will bring us several steps closer to a Deski-free world.
16:15 Universe Design Techniques Proven to Boost Front-End Performance Dave Rathbun Last time I was in Oz, Dave helped me remove a wet suit. Attending this session is literally the least I can do.
17:20 Does My Organisation Really Need a Dashboard? Gabe Orthous I would hate to miss this Chileans triumphant return to the Southern Hemisphere.

More dinner, WAY more drinking, and whatever revelry we left over from the night before.

After all that I’m spending a little extra time down there, bumming around in Melbourne, Sydney, and a few points north before heading home. Please do look me up if you’ll be down there.