AbacusConsulting developed Mobile based application connects to SAP Business One and allow field officers to keep progressing towards sales targets by posting Sale Orders without dependencies. We named this application as “Native Sales App for SAP B1”. Native Sales App allow company to capture employees locations for posted sale orders on Google Maps and calculate distance from branch office to customer location.

Native Sales App developed for android phones, to record sales orders in OFFLINE MODE (even no connectivity with SAP Business One) and post to SBO directly once connectivity established.


Customer’s sales employees recording sales on paper and submitting papers to branch office where data entry operator inputs all entries manually in ERP. In addition remote areas where sales employee captures sale have limited access of  internet & difficult for them to keep connect via emails or other medium. Another issue Company was unable to verify travel claims of remote employees either those are valid in calculation of distances.


Field Officer post all sale orders once he/she is connected with internet connection.  Company can verify employees locations and distance from branch to customer for valid travel claims processing.


Native sales app helps improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Use any android mobile device for quickly orders creation whilst on the road, even when OFFILINE.

Native Sales Application allows remote employees to access / post order from any location even on OFFLINE mode (No Connection with SBO). With Native Sale application customer can track employees sales locations and can track day end sale employee wise in SBO & handheld device as well.



Native sales app helps save costs by removing paper processes; helps improve sales by speeding up the ordering process; and offer feature to track employees sales activity on Google Maps. Native sales application helps increase the market penetration for customer which ultimately leads to increase in revenue.

Native Sales App may helps organizations to:

  • Increase revenue by 10-20% by keeping more penetration for customer in market.
  • Reduce paper processing and manual data entries resources up-to 50%~60%


  • In-memory capabilities of SAP HANA for real-time analytics on synchronized data from native sales app.
  • Single application with security layer to manage sales and reports based on user authorization.
  • Enabling organization to connect native sales app with SBO HANA (hosted on AWS).
  • Data ready to connect for Analytical reporting in SAP Lumira.
  • Anywhere accessibility without depending on connectivity layer.

Native Sales App for SAP Business One

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