Numerous health complications, including stress and weight gain, are normally attributed to insufficient sleep. However, sleep doesn’t come naturally to many people, for various reasons. One of the major reasons for sleep deprivation is digital devices. For instance, you are advised not to keep your phone at the bedside table as the blue light emitted interferes with your body clock.

Ironically, technology can also help you get a good night’s sleep and rest. You may need to invest in some technology in addition to your comfortable latex mattress. So, instead of looking at latex mattress reviews, we are going to explore some new tech that can help you sleep better.

Neuroon Open

Developed by Inteliclinic, a Polish-American start-up, Neuroon Open is a smart sleep mask. The sleep mask is equipped with biometrics that analyses and optimizes your sleep. It is designed to simulate the light of a slowly-breaking dawn. You know why?

You can wake up the natural way at any time predetermined by a mobile app. Moreover, the sleep tracker will wake you at the optimal moment and hence eliminate morning grogginess.

The most remarkable thing about Neuroon Open is that you can use it for a quick nap as well. As such, it’s a great tool to beat that mid-afternoon slump. Neuroon Open also has a Jet Lag Blocker. How do you use it?

Just preset the destination time zone in the mobile app. The mask will fine-tune the right therapy and make recommendations to help you optimize your circadian rhythm while traveling.

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D

If you are averse to wearing masks, then there’s a better alternative that will ensure you wake up gently – daylight simulators.

Launched in fall of 2017, the Lumie Bodyclock Luxe is equipped with Bluetooth, radio, and low-blue light. This gadget simulates the colors of a real sunrise and sunset, and it’s non-stimulating at bedtime.

It allows you to select from at least 20 wake up and sleep sounds, as well enjoying high-quality radio. Lumie Bodyclock Luxe’s manufacturer also developed Lumie Bedbug, a children’s light. The device is designed to promote a good night’s sleep for children.

Bedbug uses low-light LEDs at bedtime that doesn’t undermine the sleep hormone. Why is this so?

It includes just a negligible amount of the blue part of the light spectrum, which is known to be stimulating.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Powered by SleepIQ technology, Sleep Number 360 can intuitively sense and automatically adjust comfort to ensure that you sleep peacefully the whole night. The features of this smart bed include snore detection.

For instance, if you are snoring on your back, the base automatically raises your head seven degrees to ease the symptoms, albeit on a temporary basis. Sleep Number 360 also includes foot-warming and intuitively understands your bedtime routine. Hence, it nudges you gently awake with the aid of a smart alarm feature.

Muse Headband

If you normally struggle to fall asleep, muse headband can be an ideal solution for you. Muse Headband is equipped with sensors that measure brain activity before feeding that data to an app that takes you through meditation exercises. It’s designed to train your brain to handle stress more efficiently and hence make it easier to relax.

In conclusion, lack of enough sleep can result in a wide range of problems, including obesity, stress, and reduced productivity at work. Fortunately, several technological innovations can help you combat this problem, as outlined above.

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